Sunday, 28 December 2014

Ol' Rowdy Painted

I couldn't decide what to paint next so I put up a poll. Ol' Rowdy got all the votes so here he is!

This is the first Warjack I have painted in my colour scheme. I struggled for a while figuring out what sections of the jack I should paint what colour.

I added red high pressure danger areas on the gauges on his boiler and his hammer arm.

I think I might add kill marking on his buckler, not sure if it should be only casters or if it should include all models??

The model has a great aggressive pose, it was quite fun to paint, I'm glad the fiery effect on the eyes and vents adds to this look. 

What do you think of the colour scheme I have chosen for my jacks? Should I add kill markings?
Also what should I paint next? Choose in the poll at the top right of the page.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Kara Sloan & Harlan Versh Painted

My first fully painted Warcaster!
I'm going to be using her for the first time today which should be fun.

The sword she should never use... I find it a little odd that Journeymen warcasters have a magical sword (I assume they get issued it) but Sloan and Caine have somehow lost theirs. Or had them taken away from them...

The last thing they see!

I also painted up Harlan Versh

They where both fun to paint up, was nice to paint some characterful models after the two units of gunmages and the risen. 

I have put a poll at the top right of the blog for what I should paint next, help me out as I struggle to choose.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Mercenaries Alexia and the Risen Painted

Alexia and the Risen are done! Very lazy choice for these guys I didn't want to have to paint 20 risen all with natural colour so I went with the ghostly look to them. They are on and off the table so often I wasn't too worried about making them look super detailed.

I painted Alexia herself a long time ago but was waiting to paint the risen until I had the full 20 grunts. I bought the unit before they repacked as the max unit...

I got the last few grunts and an extra couple of Thrall warriors the other day so I figured I would paint them up.

I wanted Alexia to look rough and no frills so I gave her muted colours. Her magic makes things glow green for me so I did her eyes that way too. (Mainly so I could avoid painting eyes!)

I gave her a silver streak in her hair as well, maybe her magic is aging her???

Thrall solos, great for flanking or holding flags!

One of each type of risen for your viewing pleasure! Sad to see dead Trenchers...

Glad these guys are painted up now, will have to figure out what to paint next!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Theory Thursday: Closing Legions eyes...

{This article is based on mk2 rules}

In the last Theory Thursday I went over eCaine's threat range and I mentioned I often use him as my anti Hordes list. Using two of the Solo's I mentioned in that post that I like to run with him anyway you can try to tip the scales in your favour against Legion of Everblight.

(Image stolen from somewhere on the internets)

Lanyssa has an action called Winter Storm which makes enemy models that start in her command range lose Eyeless sight, flight and pathfinder during their activations.
Her command is 9 so that's a fair chunk of the board.

But we can do better than that

If you put Madelyn in base to base with her Advisor gives Lanyssa +1 command giving winter storm a 10" bubble around the pair.

The problem lies with keeping them alive, because as soon as Lanyssa dies the effect drops and won't effect further activations.

Lanyssa has Prowl so putting her in concealment will give her Stealth which will protect her but Madelyn will still be a target and Legion has a fair amount of ranged attacks with aoes. And with the low armour of the pair boosted blast damage will kill them.

Madelyn can palm off ranged attacks to warrior models within 2" but again not great if those are aoes

So how to protect them? A Trencher smoke wall would block line of sight completely to the pair and be fairly safe itself from shooting from anything now missing eyeless sight. If terrain on the board is in your favour simply being behind a forest will be enough.

Be aware that any warbeasts starting their activations outside of winter storm will not be affected even if they move into it, so its best to only try this if you can catch all of them in the effect.

Tricky to set up, and doubtful to get someone twice, but might just pull the wool over their eyes...

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Scenario Templates and Gaming aids

Playing Warmachine without a scenario makes for a less exciting game. Especially for the other player... playing Cygnar means I could just keep backing up shooting. Thats not fun for the other guy!

I picked up a set of templates for Steamroller scenarios from Zinge Industries you can find them here

They turned up in a nice press seal envelope which I will keep them in. 

You get two of each zone type and four flags and three objectives. The zones are great, I may try to get better flags and objectives though as I can see these moving during games.

There was a nice leaflet inside that shows a lot of the products they make. I might end up getting some of the conversion bits for Necromunda models if I find a group of players.

I wanted a set of templates for Warmachine to both speed up my play and to make it more actuate.
I found these on ebay sold from Troll Trader. They are a gaming club/store based down in Cornwall, decent buch. You can find these in their ebay store here

These are great and have all the things I was looking for.
Blast range checkers, proxy bases, measurement tools and tools to help move a model one inch.
Cheapest I have found them so far

 While buying wrapping paper I found this case in pound land! Nice cheap little case to seperate out all my different tokens so I don't have to dig through them all the time!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Reinforcements arrive!

Ah the postman! Thank you for braving the cold so I don't have to...


 Other players at my local club have the laser line of sight checker and I found myself borrowing it too much. So I got one for myself

I'm thinking of making the switch from GW paints to Vallejo so I picked up the colours I had run out of and a "Insane" detail brush as my brushes are getting a bit tatty

I also picked up the last of the Solos I wanted for my Cygnar army. There are others I will pick up in the future, but these are the last ones I will need for some time.

And finally I got the last few grunts for pAlexia. Due to the unit getting reboxed as the max unit I was worried I might not be able to get a blister if I waited too long so I have maxed the unit size now and bought two more Thrall warriors to bring my total to three. (I doubt I will ever need more than three of them)

After finishing painting my Gunmages last week I was wondering what I should paint next, and it might just have to be Alexia and the risen...

Monday, 8 December 2014

Cygnar Gunmages painted

I finally finished painting my Gunmages! They where the first unit I bought for my Cygnar and have been a source of painters block for me for a long time. I didn't enjoy painting these guys that much, so figured I would do both units at once.

Unit one (First Warmachine purchase ever) 

 Unit two (picked up in a trade)

Some individuals front and backs

 Miss Gunmage

Group shot!

I'm currently using these guys in pCaines tier list. My current painting goal is to have the whole 35 point list painted. So I need to finish the Black 13th, a Hunter, Stormwall and pCaine to finish off the list.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Printed Smoke templates for Warmachine

I had been looking for 3" templates for my Cygnar, mainly for my Trenchers smoke or the Tactical Arcanist corps I picked up recently to run with pNemo

I learnt of the Trencher smoke wall from the tactica in the Cygnar section of PP's forums. It is such a great way to protect my caster and support solos.

Most templates I have found don't overlap very well especially once models start moving around in the area.

I found these in the file download section of the forums and printed them out. The link to the thread I got them from is here

I figured I better check that they printed out the correct size

I glued them onto thin cardboard to make them a little sturdier and covered them in sticky back plastic to stop them from fraying.

And here they are lined up in the smoke wall formation

A min unit of Trenchers can block line of sight to 10.5" with only the models on each end as viable targets for charges or ranged attacks. You could spread out further but it would not protect the unit from charges as well.
(Worth mentioning never try this against Legion, eyeless sight sees right through this plan)

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Theory Thursday: eCaine's threat range

{This article is based on mk2 rules}

I'm going to start this by saying I love eCaine. The Han Solo of Warmachine is just so good.
But how far away does the other player have to keep their caster?
Quick note that I am aware that this will not be "news" to veteran players, but I have met a lot of players that aren't fully aware of what is possible.

With speed 7 and range 12" guns Caine has a walking threat of 19" but we can extend that with a little effort.

eCaine is often my anti Hordes caster so adding Lanyssa to his army is a nice addition. She has an ability called Hunter's Mark which gives friendly models +2 movement when charging an enemy model hit with it.

Madelyn Corbeau is another solo that can extend the threat range, If an enemy model is in her command range she allows a model to make a 3" advance in the control phase.

If you manage to get both of these solos to do their jobs you can then have Caine charge an enemy 15" away from where he started that turn.
If he kills that model he can then shoot 12" further giving a total threat range of 27" which doesn't have to all be in a straight line.

Alternatively if line of sight to your target (read caster..) is blocked he can charge as before and then cast Gatecrasher to be placed completely within 8" for a threat of 23" which doesn't need line of sight to your target. It is an all of nothing move though, if you fail to assassinate you will likely lose the game.

Simply put Caine's threat range is bonkers,

What crazy caster kills have you managed with Caine? Let me know below the furthest you have reached!