Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Thrullg Painted

I painted up my Thrullg as part of Rikers Iron's Monstrous May event!

I painted it while I was painting the electrical glow of some Cygnar Warjack's I decided to paint it as if it shares similarities to the mechanika which powers my Warjacks so painted it the same.

I always like to do a "scale shot" with Pendrake as he is the Monstermonicon guy!
What do you think of my Thrullg? Do you like it in this colour scheme?

You can pick one up here via my affiliate link (The Outpost, UK webstore)

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Burrowing Horror Painted

I finished up my Burrowing Horror by Reaper miniatures (No. 77372)

I plan on using it as a Thornwood Mauler in the Iron Kingdoms RPG

Here's the artwork of a Thornwood Mauler, while this mini isn't exactly the same its the closest I have found at a decent price.

Image result for thornwood mauler

Scale shot with Pendrake!

What do you think of my Burrowing Horror? He was interesting to paint up and I'm sure he will make a good encounter for a RPG party.