Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Morrow for May

I have decided to put off painting the storm knights until I have Stryker 2+3 to paint the whole lot at once.

I was sat idly undercoating models that needed doing while watching Tv and a thought occurred.
I now have all the models I need to finally run the Blaize tier 4 list I wrote a long time ago.

So my idea is to play and paint Morrow for May! Blaize will be permanently in my two list pairing all month.

My local club now has tournaments each month roughly. I am going to one on the 2nd of May (will not be using Blaize at that one but will try to write about it) But the next tournament at the start of June she will be used as a finale.

I plan on tweaking the list and trying out new things with Blaize throughout the month and will try to batrep as many of her matches as I can.

Version 1 of the list and how it stands painting wise

Blaize - Tier 4
Harlan Versh
Journeyman warcaster
Precursors (Max) + UA
Precursors (Max) + UA
Sword knights (Max)
Sword knights (Max)

I have a lot to do, but I'm not at gun point, so if I don't manage to get it all painted I'm not going to sweat about it. 

What are your thoughts on this challenge I have given myself? What do you think of my starting list for Blaize would you change anything?

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Greenstuff molding and my next big painting project

I picked up some hobby mold sticks the other day so figured I would give them a test run

The sticks look like this until you put them in hot water to go soft

 I pushed the pieces I wanted to mold into half of the stick. I then let it cool down.

Once it was cool I pressed the other half of the stick over the top wrapping it over a little to make sure the mold would line up nicely

 I then put small balls of green stuff in each pieces place and pressed down hard on the mold

I left it for a day to make sure the green stuff hard gone completely hard

Trimmed off the excess and they are good to go!

I got two units of Stormblades second hand and a few were missing bucklers so now they all have them!

I also cast a storm knight helmet, I intend to cut off these open helms and replace them with green stuff ones.

While I had the green stuff out I gap filled all of my storm knights! Pictured are 2 units of Stormblades with UA's a unit of Silverline stormguard, Stormlances with Katherine Laddermore and a Stormblade Captain

I have a lot to paint in my Cygnar army so doing it in batches will help keep things a little more consistent. So I will likely try to paint all of these guys at the same time.

Here are my Stormguard to show the paint scheme these guys will be getting