Monday, 31 October 2016

Haley1&3 Painted

Painted up Haley 1 & 3 with the alternate Journeyman Warcaster as a bonus.

Haley1 was quite straight forward to paint, the annoying thing was seeing the newer sculpt for her be released while I was painting.
As with the new Siege sculpt I would love to get the newer better version but on a £0 hobby budget it will have to wait.

The alternative sculpt Journeyman warcaster was a nice and easy model to paint up, I did her at the same time as the Haley's seeing as she is quite similar in style and colour choice 

Haley3 is another of the newer super detailed models Privateer Press has been making lately.
She was quite tricky to paint with all her details.

Haley past I wanted to look like she isn't a proper member of the military but with the white scarf to tie her to the rest of the Haley's 

Haley future was simple enough, also one of the only models I have ever part painting before fully assembling. This was so I could paint the cape behind her body, multiple layers of white it would have been very awkward to do while assembled.  

What do you think of these ladies then?

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Thunderhead and 3 heavy jacks Painted

I painted up Thunderhead, a Defender, and my second Centurion and Stormclad

Thunderhead was great fun to paint, but the electric coils... so many coils!

My second defender nice quick and easy jack to paint. 

And pictured here with the Defender I painted a while back

My second Centurion chassis, posed differently from my first one. 

Here is my new Centurion on the left old one I painted last year on the right.

Here they are as Avengers

And finally as Hammersmiths'

My second Reliant/Stormclad 

Both my Stormclads together

And as Reliant's 

Since all my Character jacks are now all done I figured I would do a shot of them all together!

And here are all my Warjacks together all at once! Really glad to have them all done, I have one of every Jack available to Cygnar painted. This is about 450 points of warjacks!