Cygnar Army Showcase

Here you will find pictures of my painted miniatures for my Warmachine Cygnar army. Clicking on these pictures will bring you to the article where I originally posted them with many more pictures from various angles and my thoughts about painting them.

I have also started making 360 spin videos of my painted minis, so you can also find those here under as well when they are available.

I will be updating and adding to this page as I finish painting things and as I make 360 spin videos.

I hope you find them interesting and helpful. I value your thoughts and feedback so please feel free to comment on any of these posts with your thoughts and feelings regardless of how old the article is.


Stryker2 Notable kills: Kreoss3, Asphyxious1, Syntherion x2, Thyra, Ashlynn
Stryker3 Notable kills: Kromac2

Haley2 Notable kills: Amon, Kreoss1
Haley3 Notable kills: (Haley past) Saeryn1 (Haley future) Rhyas2

Nemo3 Notable kills: Kaya1, Rhyas2

Siege2 Notable kills: Bradigus
Kraye Notable kills: Old witch2
Sloan Notable kills: Witch Coven, Asphyxious1, Bradigus                        How I reposed her

Sturgis Notable kills: Xekaar
Darius Notable kills: Asphyxious1     Theory Thursday
Maddox Notable kills: Ragnor

Charger 1 Notable kills: Makeda1, Naaresh

Firefly 1 Notable kills: Amon

Grenadier Notable kills: Wurmwood

Hunter 1 Notable kills: Deneghra1, Witch Coven, Absylonia2 x2, Asphyxious3, Xerxis1, Issyria


Centurion (Combo kit1) Notable kills: Gunnbjorn, Siege

Cyclone  Notable kills: Severius2, Naaresh

Defender Notable kills: Severius2, Goreshade2, Witch Coven, Asphyxious3

Ironclad 1 Notable kills: Vindictus, Baldur2, Deneghra1

Stormclad1 Notable kills: Karchev, Nemo3

Stormwall 1 Notable kills: Severius1, Zerkova1
Hurricane    Notable kills: Makeda1, Butcher1, Ravyn, Old Witch3                      How I magnetised it

5 Chargers


Ace Notable kills: Thyra
Dynamo Notable kills: Bethayne, Siege, Severius1, Absylonia2, Terminus, Saeryn2, Lylyth3

Ol' Rowdy Notable kills: Vayl2, Goreshade1
Triumph :Notable kills: Fyanna2
Thorn Notable kills: Una2

Battle engines & Structures

Stormstrider 1 Notable kills: Deneghra1, Axis


Precursors + UA Notable kills: Kallus2

Black 13th Notable kills: Saeryn2, Rhyas2, Sorcha3

Stormlances Notable kills: Amon, Issyria, Goreshade3

Alexia and the risen Notable kills: Terminus
Thrall warrior: Notable kills: Jarl

Sam & The Devil Dogs Notable kills: Rasheth

Cylena & Nyss Hunters    How I converted them

Gunmage Captain Adept Notable kills: Thagrosh2

Gunmage Rifleman Notable kills: Deneghra1

Laddermore                   Theory Thursday

Gobber Tinker How I converted it

Brun & Lug Notable kills: (Lug) Lylyth3, Siege, Kaelyssa, Zerkova1


  1. My Squire did not come out as well as yours did. In fact I would call it a botched job.

  2. What paints do you use? I use a mix of P3 and Citadel paints

    1. I mainly have the old GW paints,but as I run out I am replacing them with vallejo (I prefer the bottles)