Sunday, 29 November 2015

Current list pairing using ADR

So with Smogcon just around the corner I figured I would fix in my two lists for the Master's event.

Since it is a Master's event, and the new ADR casters include eCaine (who has been my favourite caster forever), it made sense to look at using the ADR

Here are the two lists I have put together:

List 1

eCaine +5 *
Squire 2
Ace 7 *
Reinholdt 1
Journeyman warcaster 3
Rhupert 2 *
eEiryss 3 *
pAlexia 5
Gunmages+UA 8
Rangers 5
Aiyana & Holt 4 *
Boomhowlers 9 *
Sword knights 6

Sentinel 4 *
Lanyssa 2
Stormsmiths x2 *
Madelyn 2
Pendrake 2
Forge guard 8 *

Objective: Bunker

My old eCaine list included most of the solos that are now in the specialists instead of the sword knights. In certain match ups they were less useful, a problem that is solved using an ADR pairing.
Fighting hordes? In goes Pendrake! Against loads of shooting? Sentinel's got your back!

List 2

eStryker +6 *
Squire 2
Ol' Rowdy 9
Runewood 3
Journeyman warcaster 3
Ragman 2 *
Strangewayes 2 *
Stormblade captain 2 *
Sword knights +UA 8
Stormclad 10 *
Stormblades+UA+3WAs 11
Black 13th 4 *

Lancer 6
Stormsmiths x3 *
pEiryss 3 *
Gorman 2
Sword knights 6

Objective: Fuel

Hopefully two assassination focused warcasters will keep people guessing.

I would like to play fully painted for the masters event if possible (anything with a * needs painting), but it's quite a lot to get done between now and February

So small disclaimer... I'm an average player, I'm going into a huge event with that in mind. If I finish in the top 64 of the 128 in Friday's masters event I will be very happy. I will be trying to batrep this event if possible.

On the subject of batreps I started a YouTube channel earlier in the year. I started well, posting batreps quite often, but I haven't posted a video since June... yeah, my bad.

I want to batrep my practices building up to Smogcon and as many of my games during the event as I can.

My YouTube channel can be found here

For the rest of the weekend I will be trying to get as many casual games as possible in the Iron arena.
If during these I can get a game with every Warcaster in Cygnar that would be cool.

So I have a request: if you have a list you would like to see played for a certain caster then let me know! Either request a general idea for a list or send me a complete list and I will try to play it and batrep it. A list of all the models I own can be found here. (Sorry no double Stormwall)

Feel free to either leave a comment on this post or email me with your list requests and suggestions at