Friday, 23 January 2015

Necromunda terrain and models

My hobby area is getting an overhaul soon I have some furniture coming in about a week so I had to get my old work table out before it turns up.

I got a request to do a group shot of all my terrain so far and figured I might as well use the table one last time to set up all that terrain. And while I was at it I put a bunch of my Necromunda minis on to make it a little more dramatic.

Anyway less words, more pictures!!!

Karloth Valois leads the Zombie horde

Juves up front!

Blog might as well be sponsored by pringles...

Yeah I'm not getting involved...

Bridge over the Market

And I got some work done on the Skips/Dumpsters (depending on where you live) These are going to be scatter terrain.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Batrep: eCaine vs eMadrak

I got my first game using the 2015 Steamroller pack this week and figured it might be time for a batrep! (Sorry for some of the blurry pics... I didn't realise how bad some of them where until I got home)

I haven't played a great many games using a clock so we agreed to use it, but it wouldn't end the game if either of us ran out of time.

The Scenario we rolled up was Two Fronts

These are my two lists going into this battle.

Centurion (Bonded)
Gun mage pistoleers + UA
Percursors (Max) + UA
Sword Knights (Max)

Ol' Rowdy
Aiyana & Holt
Gun mage pistoleers +UA
pAlexia and the risen
Sword Knights

His lists where eMadrak and pDoomshaper (Runes of war tier list). I like eCaine for most Hordes so I dropped him against eMadrak

His list was

Fell caller Hero
Fenblades (Max) +UA
Long riders (Min) These are the empty bases on the left of most pictures
Krielstone bearer and Stone scribes (Max) +UA
Warders (Max)

He won the roll of and chose to go first so I picked the board edge with the larger forest for my rangers and B13th to lurk in.

His deployment

My deployment

I tried to counter his deployment as best as I could, putting the Gunmages across from the fenblades and the Sword Knights across from the Warders.

Turn one

 Trolls turn one

First turn for Trolls most things just ran up, but he forgot to dump fury into the stone and cast spells instead that turned out to be a problem.

My turn one

My first turn was a little more cautious than normal. I put Heightened reflexes and Heroic call on the Sword knights and moved some of them into my zone. Alexia moved up behind them in range to collect their corpses and crafted a Thrall, which ran off far on the left flank ahead of eEiryss.

The board turn one

Turn two

Trolls turn two

Trolls second turn saw the fenblades running all the way across my zone blocking me out of it and engaging Rowdy, the Mauler following up behind them. The Stormtroll shot a sword knight  who failed his tough check and the eleaps got another but he survived.
Two of the longriders charged the SK's and the third slammed one of his pals into the SK's knocking him down and killing another SK (I got lucky that the slam distance was very short otherwise it would have been a lot worse for me)

My turn two

My second turn I wanted to have Rowdy charge the Mauler, and the Fenblades had to die. All of them... with the special rule Vengeance I had to wipe them all out or I would pay for it the next turn.
I allocated two focus to Rowdy and started trying to clear Rowdy's charge lane.
The B13th went first with Ryan's mage storm attack killing the first 3. The combined fire power of the rest of the B13th the Gunmages and the rangers took the unit down to just the drummer...
A lot of tough checks were passed and I missed a lot of shots into the Troll engaging Rowdy, but I finally go the job done. I had Aiyana put Kiss of Lyliss on the mauler and Rowdy Charged in but missed his charge attack! He did some damage with his bought attacks but not enough to even take out an aspect on the heavy warbeast.
The Sword Knights charged into the longriders, took one out and damaged the other two. Alexia and the risen moved up and jammed the zone.
Caine moved up killed a Warder and gatecrashed back behind the wall.

Turn three

I forgot to take pictures of this next turn...

The Storm troll frenzied as Madrak had been expecting me to try to assassinate that turn and kept a lot of fury. It hit a Warder but did nothing. The mauler hit Rowdy twice but only did one damage, then used his chain attack to throw Rowdy away.Warders charged my objective and the third one destroyed it. The two Warders that hit it first were on fire, but the Stone moved forward and dropped continuous effects to put out the fires.

The Axer charged into the space left from the dead Long rider Threshered and Killed some SK's.
Madrak moves up and throws his axe at a risen then feats. The feat attacks from the Warders the Long riders and the Axer reduce the SK's down to a single knight (who passes his command check) and kill most of the risen. A single risen prevents Madrak from dominating the zone this turn.

My turn three

I needed to do something quickly as the left zone was falling apart for me. I had models I could put in the zone but nothing he couldn't kill and dominate anyway. His zone only had the Mauler contesting it so I set about killing it and destroying the objective.

The Gunmages did next to nothing... I then had the rangers and the B13th put all their shots into the objective too but it survived. One of the rangers shot and killed the Stone's UA and Alexia killed another member of the stone scribes. I had forgotten to allocate to Rowdy so he had to forfit action to move and I just backed him up a bit. I still had Caine's feat to use so I popped feat and finished the objective with his first shot then killed the Mauler dening Madrak its fury as his feat removes models from play.
He then shot and killed the Runebearer solo and did a little damage to the Stormtroll. I then had Caine cast gatecrasher to put him into the zone to dominate scoring me three control points this turn.

Turn 4

This left him in a tricky spot, he had to kill Caine or lose. If he just ran something to contest the zone I had plenty of shooting left to kill it and dominate the zone in my turn.
So he set about trying to get Madrak to Caine.
He charged a ranger with the intent to kill and move and kill and move through the unit to get to Caine. Then I got to say one of my favorite phrases...
"Ol' Rowdy counter charges"

Trolls turn 4 the counter charge

He did a bit of damage to Madrak and got a little in the way but Madrak hit and kills every ranger he needs to until he moves out of Rowdy's melee range.
The free strike hits and does enough damage to kill him and he now has no beasts in his control area having moved up so much. He fails his tough roll and Cygnar wins the day! 


What do you think of the batrep? Want more of them? More/Less detailed?

What do you think of my list? What would you change?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Necromunda Connector Bridge

Couple of things before I get to the main point of the post.
This is my 100th post and the blogs 2nd birthday!! Thanks a lot to everyone who has read and commented on my blog. It really makes it worthwhile to me that people read and comment and enjoy the blog.

Anywho back to the post...

I got a Dremel for xmas so I figured I would use it in a project. (I had tested it out a while ago)

I wanted to build a walkway that was bigger than the others I had made before and a Connector bridge that would span larger distances and help to join buildings together.

My new toy! I used this to cut my old set of blinds into the needed lengths.

These are runners from a chest of draws I smashed up before I moved house. I figured they looked a bit like girders so I kept them

Popcake sticks from ebay only £1 much cheaper than buying plastic tubing from a hobby shop

Laser cut MDF girders from Wargames Tournaments their ebay shop can be found here 
They add a nice level of detail to the bridges.

Measured it all up leaving some walkway sticking out to lay on buildings

I glued the pipes into the draw runners and then then glued them to the lengths of blinds. (Using my beloved glue gun)

Glued the MDF girders on top to create railings for cover. 

 Heres a view of the underneath

 An example of it in use between two buildings

The Delaque ganger uses a juve as a human shield against the Ratling sniper.

Now to get started on the big connector bridge!

Really long lengths of blinds for this one.

Also will be using some of the few official bulkheads I have.
(These are super rare for me)

I used the Dremel to cut out a hole for the ladder in the middle support.

Glued it all together

Repeated the girder supports from the last walkway.

Added a damaged section of bridge.

A group of Delaque fight off a horde of Zombies.

And here are the two together connecting to a building.

I think they will work really well with my other walkways. If you are interested in seeing them they can be found here

Let me know in the comments below what you think of these!

I won't be added a base to the connector bridge so it can easily fit between buildings.

Thanks again for reading and commenting! Heres to a hundred more posts!