Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Model Review: Ketos Crab & Smog Factory - Monsterpocalypse Building Expansions

Today we take a look at the Smog Factory & Ketos Crab which are building for Monsterpocalypse. 
I was sent these models to review by Privateer Press.

The Smog factory comes in seven parts, one of which is resin. 

The metal parts are drill parts which are nicely cast with minimal mould lines, they really help sell the building as one which gets deployed from underground.

The resin main part of the building is truly impressive. It has piping which twists around the main smoke stack, which really surprised me, I would have expected this to have been more than one piece honestly. 
Detail is crisp and nicely cast and there are next to no mould lines.

The Ketos Crab "building" comes in three parts, one of which is metal.

The head and attached antenna are nicely cast. The antenna can be easily bent if you wanted them posed differently.

These three resin injection ports will need clipping off, thankfully they have decided to put them on the backward facing parts so they will be hidden by being next to the shell.

The shell is fantastically detailed with giant barnacles and spines all over the place. Plenty of texture all over the shell

There is a slight mould line running down the back of the shell. Fortunately this was easy to remove with some light scraping with a hobby knife.

I really like how it looks with the crab clinging to the sky scrapper. Its a really neat look and gives a real sense of scale.

The only resin injection ports for this are on the underneath which is fantastic.

Here they are assembled.

I really like these buildings though I won't be using them for their intended purpose. 
I will be converting the Smog factory into a Cryx Necrotite mining rig, and the Crab will be doing double duty as both an objective for my Talion army, and a monster for the IKRPG! I will have to hide the sky scrapper of course but thats a problem for future me.

What do you think of these minis?

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