Friday, 10 August 2018

Marking Terrain on a Budget: Burning Earth

Continuing my quest to make every type of terrain for Warmachine and Hordes I have finished up my Burning Earth piece.

Like my other terrain I wanted the base to be representative of the terrain without impacting game play. This one wasn't very easy to do if I'm honest.I used some red flock and placed it next to the grass flock then dry brushed the whole thing with some black to show the burnt ashes.

The removable elements for this terrain I am much happier with. These blasted tree stumps from World War Gaming are just what I needed to show that the area is on fire, but also be able to move them to one side should they get in the way during a game.

I painted them to look like the fire was burning deep within the wood, as if they caught fire from being shelled with explosive ammunition or perhaps lightning? (From my stormsmiths maybe)
Below is the picture I used for reference while painting them. I wanted to get the charred ash look on the external parts while looking as if the fire still burns within.

I'm really happy with how the trees turned out but less happy with the base they are on. Sometimes though I think its alright for a project to not be 100% as I would like it and just finish it and move on. I could have spent a lot more time to try and get it exactly how I wanted, but with a baby and lifes other many things I have found its better to move on and work on other things.

What do you think of my Burning Earth terrain? What terrain from Warmachine and Hordes would you like to see me make next? Let me know in a comment below!

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Reaper Bones Rats Painted

For a bit of a change I decided to paint some RPG critters, these are Rats from Reaper's Bones line of minis. I went for a nice quick paint job on these, I didn't want to dwell on them too long. As early Bones minis they are slightly lacking in detail which added to me not wanting to spend a long time on them.

Here they are with Professor Pendrake from the Department of Extraordinary Zoology for scale. 

I plan on using them as Skiggs for the RPG Iron Kingdoms, the red around their mouths and on their paws is meant to represent the blasting powder they love to eat. I think they make a very amusing early mob, as the powder they eat makes them have a chance to explode upon death!

What do you think of these rats?
I look forward to setting them on the party the next time I start up the RPG!

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Caine0 Painted

Caine0 is done! Big thanks to David and Luke who helped me get this mini all the way from Lock & Load in the US over to the UK.

He painted up really quickly as I didn't have to pick any colours for him. I had Caine1-3 on my paint table for reference and copied the various colours used for them.

These are the Warjacks I will be testing him with initially. Minuteman is up first as I really like the idea of using it as a Spirit door target to yo-yo it back and forth up the board.

And as always with any character model I paint, here is Caine0 with the other versions on him and his character Warjack Ace.

So what do you think of my Caine0? Do you have any lists you are looking forward to using him in? Let me know in the comments below!

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Making Terrain on a Budget: Acid Bath

I have been continuing making terrain for my home table, I really wanted to get some of the lesser used terrain types made so I can include them in my games. Like all my other terrain I want to make them look good but be as playable as possible. Removable decorative pieces are a great way to have the balance between terrain being visually appealing and playable.

Like all my other terrain pieces the base part is made using thin mdf, I used cling film (saran wrap for those overseas) to make the acid pools. These acid pools on the terrains base are not as good looking as the removable pieces but it does enough that players will always know what type of terrain that area is.

One of my gaming buddies gave me these resin terrain pieces and they seemed perfect for this project. I love how they look but if they were glued down they would make it very hard to play as models would have a very hard time balancing on them.

It was fun to paint the acid looking pools, I do want to give them a coat of gloss varnish but currently I don't own any. I will likely go back and do it one day if I get some.

What do you think of my Acid Bath terrain? Do you use this terrain type in your games? If you do please share with me what your terrain looks like I would love to see it.

I did a review for the resin acid pool pieces you can find it here
You can find them for sale here should you want them
(I you can, let them know you found them here it could help me out who knows??)

Monday, 9 July 2018

Jack Marshal Explained

This article was picked by Greylord Dave as his prize for my 5 years of blogging celebration.

Jack Marshals are available to most Warmachine factions and two Hordes factions, they are a different way to add a Warjack to a list without it using your Warcasters rescources.

The choice to put a Warjack with a Jack Marshal is made during list creation, so you can't swap a Warjack from your Warcaster onto a Jack Marshal before a game starts. You also can't spend a Warcasters Warjack points on a Jack Marshalled Warjack.

Jack Marshal Benefits 

During the Warjack's activation it can gain one of the following benefits if it activates in its controllers command range. If its controller is knocked down or stationary, or the Warjacks cortex is crippled then it can't gain any of these benefits.

The Warjack can make an additional melee attack during its activation and gains +2 to all its melee damage rolls this activation

The Warjack can run, charge, or make a power attack without spending focus during its activation. It also gains +2 to charge and slam attack rolls during its activation.

Strike True
The Warjack gains +2 to all its attack rolls this activation.

Take Aim
If the Warjack forfeits its movement to aim this turn it additionally gains +2 to all its ranged attack damage rolls.


Many Jack Marshals have a special rule called a Drive, this is an extra bonus that they grant to a warjack that they control.
These can vary a lot and they often influence what type of Warjack you would give to the Jack Marshal.
For example the Cygnar Gunmage CA gives a Warjack it controls the Drive: Rune Shot, which allows it to use the Gunmage's shot types and makes its ranged attacks magical. This makes it a given that you would put a Warjack with a decent ranged weapon for the Jack Marshal to control.

The death of its controller...

Should the Jack Marshal be destoryed or removed from play the Warjack becomes autonomous. Which means it can still activate normally but is unable to gain any of the benefits listed above.
A friendly faction Warcaster, Journeyman warcaster or another Jack Marshal can take control of an autonomous Warjack by moving into base to base contact and spending a focus (for Warcasters and Journeyman Warcasters) or forfeiting their combat action (for Jack Marshals) the Warjack must forfeit its combat action the turn it is reactivated.

It is worth checking what other models in your army have the Jack Marshal special rule so that you can bring the Warjack under their control should its original controller die.

If a Jack Marshal is a member of a unit only the model with the Jack Marshal special rule actually controls the Warjack. This means you measure from that model for the Jack marshal benefits, and if the model with the Jack Marshal rule dies the jack has no controller. (Unlike in mk2 which made the unit take control of the Warjack. I have seen a few people still play it this way unaware that it has changed)


Jack Marshalled Warjacks can still beneifit from a lot of spells, but spells that mention "battlegroup" will not work for them. A battlegroup is the term given to a Warcaster or Journeyman Warcaster's and their Warjacks


The most common question I see asked about them in forums and Facebook group is "do their Warjacks gain power up Focus?"
The answer to that is no, as they are not part of a battlegroup they don't gain power up Focus.
Because they don't gain any Focus during the Control phase they can not shake effects like Knockdown, Stationary, Blind and Shadow bind. This makes them more vulnerable to being taken out of use for a turn or two if the other players army has easy access to these effects.

A Jack Marshalled Warjack can still gain Focus from alternative ways such as the Empower special action some models have, or from Accumulator special rule.

Ranking officer

Ranking officers attach to Mercenary units to make them count as the faction of the army they are being used with. Currently at the time I'm writing this there is only one Mercenary unit which has the Jack Marshal rule which is Captain Sam MacHorne & The Devil Dogs. They can be taken in Cygnar and Protectorate of Menoth.

The question which often gets asked about them is can they still bring a Mercenary Warjack or can they bring a Warjack from their adopted factions. They can bring a Mercenary Warjack and can control it, even though technically they count as being from different factions while the Ranking Officer is attached.
This means that Sam MacHorne can't benefit from her Iron Sentinel while base to base with her own marshalled Warjack, but will gain the benefit from her adopted factions Warjacks.
If the Ranking Officer dies during the game she reverts back to being a Mercenary model and would be able to gain the Iron Sentinel benefit from her own Mercenary Warjack.

In summary Jack Marshals are an alternative way to run a Warjack in your lists, with their own pros and cons. I personally recommend writing out a "cheat sheet" of the 4 different Jack Marshal benefits to remind you during your games when using them, until you are familiar with them all.

 I hope you found this article helpful, if you did please let me know. If there was anything you thought I missed I'm sure you are already typing it! I appreciate all feedback as it all goes towards improving future articles!

Friday, 15 June 2018

Blackhide Wrastler for Widowers Wood Painted

The Blackhide Wrastler for the Widowers Wood board game has a bunch of extra details that make it look really awesome in my opinion.  

Again with the rope... minions love rope for some reason!?!? I don't see what purpose all the rope on its hands serves but its there...

The net on its back holds a bunch of bones, bits of some person and a small amount of crab. Like a budget lunch box

The shell on his shoulder is the same as one half of an Ironback Spitters, I painted it in the same style as my Ironback spitter I hope I managed to match them well enough. You can see my Ironback spitter here and see how I did matching the shell

His necklace isn't as fancy as the Blind Walkers...

Better close up of the food he brings with him. I like the leg of pork especially, I imagine it was from a Farrow

His mask is made from the skin of defeated foes, you can see arms hanging down the front edges and patches with eye and mouth holes. Nice gristly details

What do you think of my Wrastler? This model is huge! Much bigger than I imagined it would be before I got it.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Blind Walker Painted

I won't beat around the bush here this was a tough models to paint! But it was well worth the effort, I really like how it turned out.

The rope... dear god the rope!!! So much of it to highlight while trying to not ruin the gator scales underneath...

I painted the head and the attached necklace separately which is unusual for me but it was well worth it to be able to paint the chest and the back of the necklaces details. I love all the little trinkets that are mixed in with the bones like a voodoo doll some feathers and a bottle. 

I like how the gemstone eye looks, the purple really contrasts with the rest of the model nicely.

I was really nervous about painting all the candles mixed in with all those bones. I wanted the choices of different colours to look random I didn't want a red, black, yellow - repeat. It would look boring and maybe a little jarring to me.

What do you think of my Blind Walker? I'm so pleased with it now its painted!