Thursday, 14 November 2019

Model Review: Morrowan Archon

Time to take a look at a model I have been excited to own as soon as I first saw the Oblivion artwork.
Privateer Press kindly sent one of these for me to review and paint! I had already ordered two of them so I will be giving one away... More details on this to come soon on my Facebook page.

I got two of them because I really liked the idea of running them with Constance Blaize, one on each flank protecting the souls of my whole army!

The main body has this large flowing cape, which connects the model to the base.

There is a slight mold line running down this side of the mini, it runs through multiple parts including armour plates and cloth. Luckily it is quite a light line which can be fixed with the side of a hobby knife and a file.

On the back of the model you can see the hole which is the connection point for the wings.

The detail on the lower part of the cape is really stunning. I am kind of at a loss of how I will paint that...

The resin injection areas, both of them are on the underside of the model. One of them in an area that is visible, though only just.

The hole which the spear arm attaches to is quite deep which allows a strong connection point. Which is great, given how far out the spear sticks. The head connection is something I was tempted to pin but in the end I didn't, as I found there wasn't room to drill into mine (having already drilled into the back to add magnets for the wings). (More about magnets later).

The shield is incredibly detailed with intricate scroll work on the lower portion. The Morrowan radiance symbol is really well cast with  crisp lines.
Resin injection ports are on the connection point of the arm to the body, and the flat edge on the top of the shield. Both great places, which clean up easily without leaving obvious reminders.

The ends of the sleeves have a lot of filigree detail, which I will have to decide how exactly I want to paint...

The wings come on these resin sprues. I was careful when cutting them off. I cut about half a centimetre away from the wings just to make sure I didn't damage them.

They have slight resin flashing which is easy to remove with the side of a hobby knife.

The head and hair piece are metal, there are slight mold lines running down the sides of the helmet and the hair, all easy to remove with a rounded file.

The spear arm is the final metal part in the kit. This one does have a slight bend to the spear which was easy to straighten. I did this carefully though to ensure I didn't break it.

The shoulder armour and sleeve are really nicely detailed and match the quality of the resin other arm nicely.

And here is the Morrowan Archon fully assembled! I did magnetise the wings and spear - I will be putting out a guide on how to do this, should you be interested. 

There is a lot of overhang on this model, which is one of the reasons I wanted to magnetise the spear - to make the model easier to transport and in case it gets in the way during a game.

What do you think of the Morrowan Archon? I'm really impressed with both the quality of the sculpt and the design. I am slightly intimidated to paint it, but I will give it the extra time I think a centre piece model like this deserves.

If you want to get one for yourself they are available now.

If you want to, you can pick them up via my affiliate link here (from The Outpost, UK web-store).

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Forge Terrain Painted

Here is my forge terrain for my home Warmachine table. The forge itself is 3D printed by a company called IronGateScenery, with walls by War World Gaming.

The scrap pile is a whole lot of random stuff from various bits boxes I have collected over the years.

If you can spot anything particular in the scrap let me know what you saw in a comment! I hid a few things.

The forge comes with a clear part which is meant to be the coals in the forge with an led light underneath it. I painted the lumps black but left gaps between them for the light to shine through.

I painted the water in the bucket as best I could to make it look real, I've not painted water much but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Various tools and horse shoes on the bench, a nice added detail to make it look like the forge is in use.

The wall painted up really easily, dry brushing did most of the work here!

Here is the hole I left in the bottom of the terrain piece so that I could take the light out to turn it off. A hobbyist with better electrical skills would likely have found a way to wire it up with a hidden switch on the actual model itself... I'm not that person.

What do you think of the forge? I'm thinking for Warmachine it will be a simple obstruction, but for Company of Iron and Iron Kingdoms RPG it can be a mix of obstruction, linear obstacle and rubble depending on where a model is standing! 

This was my first time painting 3D printed terrain and I found it quite easy and really worked well with surfaces which I wanted to drybrush. Though on some parts the way it was printed leads to the lines being very visible if I'm looking closely. Lucky for me this is terrain and as long as it looks good from a distance I am happy!

If you want to pick up the forge for yourself you can find it here

And the walls can be found here

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Model Review: Soul Stalker

So I have to start this review with a disclaimer... 

I'm very biased about this model, ever since I saw the artwork for the Soul Stalker in the Monsternomicon for the Iron Kingdoms RPG I thought it would make an amazing mini and now it exists! 

The main bulk of the upright part of this eldritch snake demon is really well detailed with bone like segmented plating and tentacles coming out of the top/back of it.

There are tiny little claw like legs along the edges of the segmented armour as well.

The tentacles are really well cast. The way the all weave in different directions and in between each other is really impressive, they could very easily have just had them all in a more uniform pattern but didn't. 

The base of the Soul Stalker includes a poor Trencher who is having his soul sucked out of his body! I will for sure be painting the Trencher to match my Cygnar army.

Little curly tail to end the creature.

The head of the Soul Stalker is combined with the soul it is collecting from the Trencher, using its facial tentacles to draw it out.

The back side of this piece has a few connection points to attach some metal parts.

This is the lower half of the Trenchers soul along with a couple of the tentacles tips, it fits directly on the bottom of the resin head part. I did have to gently bend the tips of the soul so that they didn't bump into the Trencher part of the base and not allow the whole model to fit together well.

These two parts fit onto the back of the head part and are easy enough to figure out which goes where due to the different type of connection point each has. I did pin both of these to ensure that they stayed on.

Here is the Soul Stalker fully assembled! It wasn't the easiest model I have assembled, but given how dynamic the pose I think the extra complexity in assembly is a trade well worth making for such a beautiful model.

Every angle gives you something different to see on this mini, it really is a treat. I am nervous about painting it though, especially give how the soul and the tentacles are woven together.

I will have to do some slight gap filling for the joins between the metal and resin parts. You might be able to get away with not doing this but for me I want it to really look its best as a display piece.

Overall the quality of this sculpt is amazing, there was some cleanup in model lines and resin flashing, but it was minimal. I can fully recommend any IKRPG GM pick up one of these!
I guess Infernal players might want a couple as well...

This is the artwork from the Monsternomicon I mentioned earlier, I will be trying my best to match my colour choices to this art as I think its an awesome look for it. Otherworldly and sinister looking to the extreme!

Hopefully I can do it justice! I should mention I only own this because Mark of England Knights WTC fame gave me his store credit from a tournament we both attended!

What do you think of the Soul Stalker?

If you want one for yourself you can pick one up via my affliate link here (from The Outpost, UK webstore)