Sunday, 27 September 2015

Necromunda Market Stalls 3

Its been a long time since I last worked on my Necromunda terrain! 
The market stalls I made over a year ago need finishing so I got working on them.

I cut out shapes for the canopies out of thin plasticard (from santa stop here signs, I picked them up in January for pennies)

Then I watered down some PVA glue and soaked some gauze, which I then placed over the plasticard.

This turned out to be a mistake, the glue kept dipping out of the gauze for the next hour or so.
For all the stalls after this one I soaked the gauze and hung it over the pot of glue for a while before putting them on the stalls.

I left them all for a day to dry.

Once they had dried I removed the canopies and painted them using spray paints.

Now I need to paint up the details within the stalls themselves

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Heresy Miniatures Kickstarter models arrived!

About a year ago I backed Heresy Miniatures kickstarter, since then they slayed the Dragon that had caused the owner so much grief. If you have the time check out the blog post Andy wrote after casting the last dragon. Really puts it into perspective how much time and effort go into running a miniature making company.

This turned up in the post this morning! I really wasn't expecting to get these models yet and it was a real treat. I had a "no rush" attitude to the kickstarter. The models were great to get but I was happy to be a part of turning around the dragon saga (even if only in a small way)

The terror grub, this guy will be used as a large style bad guy in both Necromunda and Iron kingdoms games, The mouth part is the internal teeth there is a outer set that will be attached so I will paint this part first before gluing that on and painting the rest of the model.

The outer mouth part! 

These little guys are called Hellmites, They are a great addition to my collection of monsters. Apparently the old metal versions of these had separate legs, well I'm glad the new resin ones don't!

Lovely detail on these guys

This lot will be my Millasaurs in Necromunda games, a great stand in. The official old GW models are nice but trying to find them on ebay at a not insane price is impossible.  

Really impressed with this giant spider. It looks like it will be tricky to assemble (will be pinning it for certain) but should look ace once its done and stalking gangers across the underhive!

A group shot with my Ratskin scout for scale

Once I have given them all a wash to get rid of any mold release agent that might be hanging around I can get to painting them up!

Its come at a great time as I now have mdf sheets for making my own board... terrain making and fingers crossed playing Necromunda await!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Converted Gobber Tinker

A while ago I picked up a second unit of Field Mechaniks to use in eHaley's tier list.

I was thinking about them and decided that I was unlikely to ever run two full units, so I figured I would be able to spare a gobber grunt for this conversion.

I ordered a hand cart from War bases and it arrived today so I got started!

All the pieces popped out of the wooden "sprue" easily

It was nice and easy to assemble, although it doesn't come with instructions the parts are laid out on the sprue in a way that they show where they all fit.

Grabbed some random bits of Jack parts and other things from my bits box

And here is the finished result!

I was going to put a 'jacks boiler strapped to the back of the cart, but it was making it tip over. I attached a set of pouches instead, presumably for tools and such.

I made a belt of green stuff to attach the pistol to the cart, I wanted to make sure the model was armed with the appropriate weaponry that it has on the card.

Contents of the gobber cart include the right arm from an old metal Centurion, the head of an Ironclad (from the model I used to make Gallant) and some sheet metal. 

Over all I am really happy with the conversion and think it resembles the original model enough to not cause problems in-game.

This is the official model. I'm not a great fan of it, and it is rather expensive for a one point model... 

What do you guys think of the conversion? Would you be happy to play against it?
It should meet more than 50% Privateer Press model parts and be usable in a tournament.

The cart can be found on War Bases site here

Friday, 11 September 2015

Pinning with a Dremel

I have owned a Dremel for a while now and it has been great for various jobs around the house or for making terrain.

I wanted to use mine to speed up pinning models, but it is unable to use drill bits below about 3mm and I need it to be able to use a 1mm drill bit

I recently ordered a multi tool chuck that some research says should work with my Dremel and allow me to use it for pinning

It arrived this morning!

It didn't come with any instructions for how to fit it, so I had to use up some of my remaining common sense...

My Dremel after the bit attachment it comes with is removed. In stages for clarity I guess...

With the new attachment in place I try out a 1mm drill bit I use for pinning

Comparison between the smallest bit the Dremel used to take and now

I grabbed the nearest mini that needed pinning and gave it a test.
I only ran the Dremel on its lowest speed setting and it was more than enough to get the job done.

One issue I did have was the drill bit slipping before it could start a hole. Which could lead to the hole being incorrectly placed or worse a hole drilled in my fingers...

I used my old hand drill to put a dent in the correct place to guide the drill. After that it took a matter of seconds. Far quicker than when I used to only have the hand drill.

This will save me a bunch of time assembling minis in the future

As for what to use for the pinning rod? Use these don't buy fancy brass rods!