Sunday, 29 January 2017

Privateer Warjacks Painted

Haven't got much painted this month but I did manage to finish off these WarJacks for my Merc army

This Freebooter was second hand and the leg to hip joints where ruined so it couldn't be posed in the normal running pose. It also has modded clamps from a Warden monstrosity. 

This Mainer was also second hand and didn't come with any legs! I had one Khador Jack leg from when I made the Junker hulk for Iron kingdoms RPG (pictured below). I built a peg leg out of plastic tubes and various other bits.

I changed the nets on both my Buccaneer's to have actual nets (I really don't like the look of the net the model comes with). I made these by bending links of jewelry chain to attach them together in a net shape then adding balls of green stuff to act as lead weights.

What do you think of my Merc jacks colour scheme and the conversions so far?