Monday, 30 June 2014

Another Necromunda Terrain update

Spent some more time making terrain

I like this piece lots of places to attach walkways

I put a bunch of junk under the ramp to prevent any chance of models going under.

Rather than use a ladder I mounted a hatch on the side of the tower for access to the top. Its 8 inches from the hatch to the top so it will count as a full run.

Multiple places to put walkways

Another stall for the market, this time a Ramen stand

And a competing food stand with a hinged shutter

Hatch shut

I wanted tunnels to be terrain pieces. I have the idea that with enough of them they can be set up as part of the board when you play and models entering play via a tunnel must set up near them.

Walkways are undercoated and I thought I would show off connecting a few of the terrain pieces so far.
My terrain testing ratskin is there for scale

Lower level connection

Some more barricades and signs. Thinking one might be a bounty board

Stormwall: Assembly and pinning

So I finally picked up a Stormwall. It does need a lot of cleanup before assembly but as it is a center piece model the extra time and effort is not wasted!
Looking at the model I was thinking it would be easier to paint it in sub assemblies, something I have never had to do before.
I was unsure if I should magnetise it and if so how much?
I definitely want to make a good scenic base for it probably involving trench works. Maybe even with places to put some small based models as a decorative touch. With a replaceable plain base to cover the gap.

Ready for assembly

Pods, I drilled out the holes that where filled with flash

Arms pinned at every joint

How I pinned the hip joints

Pinning the hip twice

Torso assembly complete

Torso hip pins, these where a pain to get lined up right but I got there in the end.

I pinned all the storm coils, I really don't want pieces falling off at any point.

Guns added, drilled holes for the big guns too.

Storm coils ready for undercoating

Leg assembly finished and ready for undercoating

Torso ready for painting, masked off pinned areas 

Undercoating done!

First coat of paint on

Started painting up the rest of him. 

I will put up another update about him once have made enough progress to be notable.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Necromunda Market Stalls 2

Now with more details!

Click on pictures for a slightly bigger view

Odds and ends at this stall

Random trade stall

Junk and scrap stall

Gun stall, guns on table will have a cloth over them to cover up the fact they have no grips...

The grill now with more gear

Club salesman has cornered the market!

Soup pot

Ammo salesman

The vent on the double stall

Bonus pic of the barricades based

Going to need names for all these stalls! Any ideas?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Necromunda barricades

More terrain we made today
I am looking forward to painting the top left one. Its going to be a sign saying "Welcome to sump reach. Population 3427" or something like that.

Some good old scatter terrain, you can never have enough of this stuff!

So guys what do you think the population of Sump Reach should be?

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Necromunda Market stalls

Even more terrain we made today market stalls! I want them not just for scatter terrain but also a great type of terrain to put on the sides of a shoot out.
Going to add cloth canopies once I have added sand to the bases.

We wanted the stalls to all have a purpose too. They are finished in the basics but need more details adding.

Food grill.

 Gun runner

Double sided stall, ammo dealer here

Soup station here

The necromunda club salesman
Kind of a joke of the game, as clubs are just a length of pipe. We said that someone must go over the whole underhive picking up all the pipes to sell on. To stop any gangers "finding" a free club.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Necromunda walkways

More of the terrain I made lately
Walkways! Necromunda works better the more of these you have, but people are less likely to use them if they have no cover, so I tried to add as much as I could with out making them too busy.

What do you think?