Monday, 30 May 2016

Lynus & Edrea and Raluk Moorclaw Painted

Got a few character model finished today

Raluk Moorclaw, or as I call him the Galleon restart button!

Another models carrying around a warjack arm! At least this time its a left arm, not like the Gobber's all carrying the same spare parts...

It was fun to paint all the little tools on his belt

Edrea got a bright green head of hair. I like to paint my elves with anime style hair so each gets a different colour.

I tried to paint runes on her hands in iosian with the letters W and B on each hand to show her casting Wind Barrier. It was a bit tricky painting symbols that small but I'm happy enough with it.

Lynus... yeah I'm not pleased that he has lost the collaborate action (should leaks be believed)

10 internets to anyone who can tell me what book I gave Lynus! 

These were so fun character models to paint as a reward for painting the units I did before these (Long gunners and mechaniks)

I try to always reward myself after painting large units. Character models such as solos and warcasters are great for this.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Field Mechaniks painted

Field mechaniks ready to repair! A max and min sized unit

One of each type of model (my standard ginger included!)

A lot of Jacks lose their right arms apparently?! 

With mk3 right around the corner and it making Warjacks not just more viable but mandatory I figured I should get these guys ready for the table. They are quite fun little models to paint, and didn't take too long either which is nice.

I did have two full units but I figured I would never use both units at full strength at the same time so used one of the grunts in a conversion to make a Gobber tinker cheaply

The last extra gobber mechanik I have I will likely put on the base of one of my storm striders. They are quite good at keeping those huge walkers in the fight so it should look quite good.

What do you think of how I painted these guys? 

Monday, 9 May 2016

Long gunners Painted

Long gunners Painted! 22 of them... yeah these guys took a while.
Some of them have some pretty bad miscasting on them but its not too big a deal for me. I put most of the worst ones in the second unit and as they are rank and file troops and unless mk3 makes them a lot better I won't often use all of them at once. So I can live with some of them being less than perfect.

The unit attachment are a little strange their sculpts aren't as detailed as the rest of the units. Apparently in mk3 you can take more UA's now, time will tell if it will be worth me picking up another one.

The Long gunners have the most brown on them compared to anything else in my army. They are the rank and file troops in the fluff so it made sense to me that they would look plain.

I have kept the same colour scabbard for all my troops so far its a little detail I hope will aid in tying them all together.

What do you think of my long gunners? Do you think they fit in with the rest of my army?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

eHaley and Thorn Painted

eHaley and her character Warjack Thorn painted!

So many layers of white... seriously loads

I tried to do some source lighting as if she is casting a spell from her hand 

I painted Thorn exactly the same as his non character Lancer but with his extra details he looks distinct enough

Boiler shot...

This puts me at 8/17 warcasters painted for my Cygnar army and just 2 light jacks left to finish.

I'm trying to get as much painted before Mk3 as I can. As I have the whole faction now I'm looking forward to getting to use some of the lesser used options of my army.