Friday, 27 May 2016

Field Mechaniks painted

Field mechaniks ready to repair! A max and min sized unit

One of each type of model (my standard ginger included!)

A lot of Jacks lose their right arms apparently?! 

With mk3 right around the corner and it making Warjacks not just more viable but mandatory I figured I should get these guys ready for the table. They are quite fun little models to paint, and didn't take too long either which is nice.

I did have two full units but I figured I would never use both units at full strength at the same time so used one of the grunts in a conversion to make a Gobber tinker cheaply

The last extra gobber mechanik I have I will likely put on the base of one of my storm striders. They are quite good at keeping those huge walkers in the fight so it should look quite good.

What do you think of how I painted these guys? 

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