Monday, 30 May 2016

Lynus & Edrea and Raluk Moorclaw Painted

Got a few character model finished today

Raluk Moorclaw, or as I call him the Galleon restart button!

Another models carrying around a warjack arm! At least this time its a left arm, not like the Gobber's all carrying the same spare parts...

It was fun to paint all the little tools on his belt

Edrea got a bright green head of hair. I like to paint my elves with anime style hair so each gets a different colour.

I tried to paint runes on her hands in iosian with the letters W and B on each hand to show her casting Wind Barrier. It was a bit tricky painting symbols that small but I'm happy enough with it.

Lynus... yeah I'm not pleased that he has lost the collaborate action (should leaks be believed)

10 internets to anyone who can tell me what book I gave Lynus! 

These were so fun character models to paint as a reward for painting the units I did before these (Long gunners and mechaniks)

I try to always reward myself after painting large units. Character models such as solos and warcasters are great for this.

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