Thursday, 23 July 2015

5 Warjacks painted

To make it easier on myself I painted all these guys at the same time to keep them consistent.



(The other 2 are basically the same)


My colour scheme is very basic for the Ironclad chassis, but they fit in nicely with the rest of the army.

What do you think of them? Like all my recent painting they are only to table top standard and I will likely go back and improve models once the whole army is done.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Stormblades painted

Continuing the painting of my Stormknights!

Stormblades are done, eagle eyed Cygnar players will notice that I have metal and plastic models mixed in together. This is because I bought a plastic unit from a guy at my old local club and when I got them home and went to put them together they where missing all the bucklers and a couple of guys where missing arms... after much asking I never got the missing pieces from him so they all went in a box for later.

Nearly a year later I have since picked up two units of the older metal Stormblades both with UA's

I made molds of the bucklers and helmets so I could do head swaps on the leader models. (I really didn't like the open helms)  Post about how I did this can be found here

Less talking! More pictures!

Stormblade UA

Left to right: Leader (with replaced helm), WA gunner, plastic grunt, metal grunt.

They come together quite quickly with some batreps to watch while I paint.

So Stormknight wise I have a unit of Silverline stormguard and two Stormblade Captains left to paint.
Going to take a break and paint some warjacks before I get to them though.

What are your thoughts on these guys? Did I match my colour scheme ok? Compared to the Stormguard I painted last year. Pictures can be found here