Thursday, 9 July 2015

Stormblades painted

Continuing the painting of my Stormknights!

Stormblades are done, eagle eyed Cygnar players will notice that I have metal and plastic models mixed in together. This is because I bought a plastic unit from a guy at my old local club and when I got them home and went to put them together they where missing all the bucklers and a couple of guys where missing arms... after much asking I never got the missing pieces from him so they all went in a box for later.

Nearly a year later I have since picked up two units of the older metal Stormblades both with UA's

I made molds of the bucklers and helmets so I could do head swaps on the leader models. (I really didn't like the open helms)  Post about how I did this can be found here

Less talking! More pictures!

Stormblade UA

Left to right: Leader (with replaced helm), WA gunner, plastic grunt, metal grunt.

They come together quite quickly with some batreps to watch while I paint.

So Stormknight wise I have a unit of Silverline stormguard and two Stormblade Captains left to paint.
Going to take a break and paint some warjacks before I get to them though.

What are your thoughts on these guys? Did I match my colour scheme ok? Compared to the Stormguard I painted last year. Pictures can be found here


  1. nice paintjob there loving the white and gold, are you gonna highlight the black armour at all?

    1. Because I have so much to paint I'm going with "table top" standard painting and when I get everything to that level I will go back and improve on things. Just fed up using unpainted models

    2. thats a good plan, kinda what i did with my nids