Sunday, 23 November 2014

Cheap Necromunda Walkways

Necromunda really needs walkways to play well. Multiple ways to get to each multi level terrain piece makes the game play in a much more dynamic and tactical way.

You can pick up wooden coffee stirrers quite cheaply or for free if you are lucky

The ones I got are just under 6 inches long, so unless joined together in some way work better as smaller walkways

I lay out some stirrers with a model to see how wide the walkways would need to be

Trim off the rounded edges

Cut some shorter lengths to hold the walkway together

Grab my trusty glue gun! (PVA or white glue will work fine for this but will take longer to dry)

Here are a bunch of finished walkways! I broke a few of the stirrers to add some variety and realism 

Here one is in action between some of the terrain that is WIP...

A splash of paint and these will be ready for the table.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

YakTribe Competition 4: Model built!

Due to moving house and other real life issues I didn't manage to enter the third competition...

Competition 4's goal is to model a figure based on one of the forum users names.
I picked Gorkamunda and I have now finished making the model.

The competitions thread can be found here

I had already planed on making an Ork gang for Necromunda for a long time so I figured this would be a good opportunity to get some progress made!

Gorkamunda is one of the forums main guys when it comes to Gorka Morka and spent a lot of time working on the "Orks in the hive" rules so I figured a Ork model in Necromunda would be very fitting.

I modeled him as the Ork gangs Runtherd, keeping watch over all his "charges" and keeping the forums in line...

He even has his own reloading grot to keep his gun fully loaded at all times

Also worth checking out a fellow Yakka and blogger Mantsa's WIP here

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Theory Thursday: Pow 20 Stormsmiths?

{This article is based on mk2 rules}

Pow 20 Stormsmiths???

I'm a big fan of Stormsmiths, most Cygnar players are but how filthy can they be?

I was writing my eNemo tier 4 list and I got thinking about them.
eNemo gives them elite cadre making the skill check easier and the damage two higher
The Sliverline Stormguard give +2 damage to electrical damage rolls making 

So I started thinking just how high can I make the damage?
Obviously nearly all the damage buffs Cygnar has access to are not allowed in tier lists so this would have to be in a normal list.

I know this would be very hard to set up but awesome if it did happen.

Silverline +2 to electrical damage
Ayana +2 damage rolls
Ragman -2 Arm in death field
Gorman -2 Arm to Warjacks

Giving you +8 against warjacks 6 if not a jack for pow 20 and 18 respectively.
The best order to set this up is to have Ayana and Gorman start as they would prefer the target not to be engaged.

Alternatively you can swap eNemo for Nemo3 for 2 less pow but boosted damage on his feat turn. Though the skill check is slightly harder.

Mix things like a Stormwall (for the pods) and Firefly warjacks to make triangulations easier to set up for some crazy times!

Thoughts? I am very aware this would be a very strange list using all the damage buffs in one list, but this is just for theory...

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Reposing Sloan

I have been meaning to repose Kara Sloan for a while now, but like most wargamers I have far to many active projects. And reposing a model is a little intimidating for me if I'm honest, I don't have a lot of experience with green stuff.

A fellow Cygnar blogger Vomkrieg recently did a post about his Kara it gave me the inspiration to get mine done. His post can be found here

I wanted to use as much of her original arms as possible as I'm not great with green stuff and wanted to keep as much detail as I could.

I doubted I could pose her so she was looking down the rifle in a realistic way so I opted for a "just fired" look.

I started by bending her arms forward and the right arm (her right) inwards as well.

I filled down the area on her hip where the left fist used to rest.

Left hand I used a pin to give a guide to where her arm would go

 I messed up with her right arm drilling too far through...
I would have to fix that later

On the back of the elbow you can see the pin sticking out...

Final pose ready for green stuff!

 I filled in the gap after the right glove area.

Sculpted a hand with fingers gripping the underside of the rifle

Covered the pin to make the left forearm. I tried my best to make it look like it has an armour plate on it.

Fiddly bit! made a thumb for realism...

The gap filled on the right arm

I added a round armour patch on her elbow to cover up my goof earlier!
Back view because of reasons!!!

And she's done! Now I just need to paint her... yeah that could be a while based on my painting speeds.

I hope this repose was helpful, and didn't drag on too long. Let me know what you thought of it!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Cygnar Stormguard painted

 Finally finished painting one of the first units I got for my Cygnar. Been meaning to complete these guys for a long time and I'm glad they are finally done. They show off how my "Blacknar" scheme looks on storm armour.

This was one of the first times painting voltic coils (something that I will have to do a lot of in the future) I'm pleased with how the effect turned out.

The leader with his weird gunblade...

What do you guys think of my painting??
Look forward to reading your suggestions

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Theory Thursday: Shooting Top of Turn one with Trenchers

{This article is based on mk2 rules}

I'm aware that Trenchers are not universally liked by Cygnar players, but I really like how they look and enjoy that lots of people don't realise what they are capable of.

It can catch an unsuspecting opponent off guard to shoot at their army on Turn one with you going first!

With a 7" Deployment zone when going first the Trenchers will be 13" in due to Advance deploy. 

Before the Trenchers activate you must first have your Warcaster cast snipe on them, this tactic does limit you to the warcasters pCaine, pStryker and Sturgis.

Next have Maxwell Finn use Desperate pace on the for +2 Movement.

The Trenchers can now use an Assault order for move forward 11" and fail to reach their charge targets, but still get to take their assault shots which should reach 38" across the board and be exactly your opponents deployment line.

Obviously this will not work if they even deploy 1/2" back from their deployment line, but I have found that most players tend to deploy as far forward as they can.

The other consideration is that each trencher must be exactly opposite their intended target as the threat distance on this is precise.

Your opponents Advance deploy are much easier to reach, but advance deploy troops often have better defensive stats or abilities such as stealth.

Each caster brings something a little different to them.
  • pCaine can give them deadeye greatly improving their chances of hitting, and the next turn he can give them Blur pushing their DEF up to 20 when Dug in!

  • pStryker can't do much to help them hit on that first turn, but in later turns can offer them Blur or Arcane Shield pop his feat with this for ARM 21 Trenchers! Probably not the best use for it though...  Earthquake is his best way to improve the effectiveness of their shooting later in the game.

  • Sturgis doesn't offer Trenchers outside snipe, he has Arcane shield but its not great with Trenchers.

Other army options that can help out with this tactic.

Viktor Pendrake can use Beast Lore to give Boosted attack rolls when shooting at Warbeasts.

Aiyana can use Lurynsar's touch to give them magical weapons, this will allow you to take out some of those annoying incorporeal models early.

Runewood or the Piper can give out Pathfinder so you get your distance should there be rough terrain in the way.

Hope you found this interesting, leave your thoughts down below!