Thursday, 20 November 2014

Theory Thursday: Pow 20 Stormsmiths?

{This article is based on mk2 rules}

Pow 20 Stormsmiths???

I'm a big fan of Stormsmiths, most Cygnar players are but how filthy can they be?

I was writing my eNemo tier 4 list and I got thinking about them.
eNemo gives them elite cadre making the skill check easier and the damage two higher
The Sliverline Stormguard give +2 damage to electrical damage rolls making 

So I started thinking just how high can I make the damage?
Obviously nearly all the damage buffs Cygnar has access to are not allowed in tier lists so this would have to be in a normal list.

I know this would be very hard to set up but awesome if it did happen.

Silverline +2 to electrical damage
Ayana +2 damage rolls
Ragman -2 Arm in death field
Gorman -2 Arm to Warjacks

Giving you +8 against warjacks 6 if not a jack for pow 20 and 18 respectively.
The best order to set this up is to have Ayana and Gorman start as they would prefer the target not to be engaged.

Alternatively you can swap eNemo for Nemo3 for 2 less pow but boosted damage on his feat turn. Though the skill check is slightly harder.

Mix things like a Stormwall (for the pods) and Firefly warjacks to make triangulations easier to set up for some crazy times!

Thoughts? I am very aware this would be a very strange list using all the damage buffs in one list, but this is just for theory...

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