Saturday, 22 November 2014

YakTribe Competition 4: Model built!

Due to moving house and other real life issues I didn't manage to enter the third competition...

Competition 4's goal is to model a figure based on one of the forum users names.
I picked Gorkamunda and I have now finished making the model.

The competitions thread can be found here

I had already planed on making an Ork gang for Necromunda for a long time so I figured this would be a good opportunity to get some progress made!

Gorkamunda is one of the forums main guys when it comes to Gorka Morka and spent a lot of time working on the "Orks in the hive" rules so I figured a Ork model in Necromunda would be very fitting.

I modeled him as the Ork gangs Runtherd, keeping watch over all his "charges" and keeping the forums in line...

He even has his own reloading grot to keep his gun fully loaded at all times

Also worth checking out a fellow Yakka and blogger Mantsa's WIP here


  1. Sounds like a great theme for a competition! I like how you've envisioned this model so far.

    1. Thanks man, I also suggested that members who get models made of them change their avatars to show off the models