Sunday, 23 November 2014

Cheap Necromunda Walkways

Necromunda really needs walkways to play well. Multiple ways to get to each multi level terrain piece makes the game play in a much more dynamic and tactical way.

You can pick up wooden coffee stirrers quite cheaply or for free if you are lucky

The ones I got are just under 6 inches long, so unless joined together in some way work better as smaller walkways

I lay out some stirrers with a model to see how wide the walkways would need to be

Trim off the rounded edges

Cut some shorter lengths to hold the walkway together

Grab my trusty glue gun! (PVA or white glue will work fine for this but will take longer to dry)

Here are a bunch of finished walkways! I broke a few of the stirrers to add some variety and realism 

Here one is in action between some of the terrain that is WIP...

A splash of paint and these will be ready for the table.