Friday, 8 November 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week four, Scalies Lair - Battle report

This turned out to be a great game, lots of note worthy things.
And so many pictures it is hard to insure this is all in the right order...
I decided to split it in half as there is so much going on its hard to keep track of.

I will do my best though.

Initial deployments

Irondogs fall back from Jon J and make for the central corridor, knowing that's where the best loot is likely to be

 Simon advances into a group of young Scalies and closes one of the entrances...for now

 Jon J makes first contact with the Scalies, gunning them down in a hail of fire

 the pit slaves advance into the dark corridors of the scaly cave there weapons buzzing gnashing and snapping as they go making alot of noise in the darkness trying to drive the scallies out of there hiding places

Slowly but steadily The Remnants advance, taking out the baby Scalies one by one.

The Irondogs sneak past the scalies running towards Jon J and the cyber mastiff, A SCU-773R, seals a hatch.
Pitslaves surounded by young scalies cut a swath through them

The Irondogs enter the central corridor, desperate to shut down a nearby hatch before they are overwhelmed

The pitslave leader finally gets taken down by shear numbers

With the Irondogs getting overwhelmed Shift 36 lend them a hand shooting down many of the young scalies
 the loss of their leader only enrages the remaining Pitslaves and they pile into the mob of juvenile Scalies

Jon J's gang fights a desperate, but successful, defence against a seemingly endless horde of juvenile Scalies

 taking advantage of the chaos caused by the charging Scalies, one of Dan R's Pitslaves attempts to charge Tom, only to (narrowly) fail his charge range

 For two turns shift 36 keep the pitslave pinned and fend off the scalies, until they turn the corner and the pitslave takes down a ganger and a cretin and follows up into the heavy with a flamer.
Desperate they shoot into the combat and down their own man and wound the pitfighter.

Lucky for the rest of Shift 36 the pitslaves bottle after that...

 Due to a pit fighter disturbing papa scalie and taking a harpoon to the chest!

 The Irondogs take the center of the Lair and find a unmapped set of vents, which they disappear into, heading home.

And on the other side of the board

The Bonehunters start to lose gangers 

The Sepulchre enter the lair, dusting every scaly in their way

The Remnants advance further into the lair but end up being attacked on both sides

Even after loosing fighters the Bonehunters carry on

Until after loosing his last ganger the leader Confessor Kindly, finding himself alone in the dark, breaks for cover and flees

The ratskin tribe fights to keep their location free of scalies, and with Simons gang closing on them they have a choice to make...

They charge out of the darkness into combat with the Cawdor
But are cut down eventually

This leave the Cawdor gang in control of the middle of the Lair, but with the Guard remnant gang fleeing, they are the only invader in this half of the board

Keen to find riches they disturb mama scalie who fires off her scatter cannon downing a ganger. 

Meanwhile on the other side of the board only Shift 36 are still standing and the scalies are closing in. A Cretin and the gangs leader go down holding off the scalies allowing the ratling sniper time to shoot rapid fire.

The resulting combats as the horde of young scalies and mama scalie fight the Cawdor lead the final three members of their gang to flee only to find that they ran into a dead end.

Shift 36 get a very lucky and narrow win! With only two gang members left standing the cost was high.

Gangs are able to sell the hides they collected to the guilders for the following amounts

1-10 scalies killed = 25 credits
up to 20 scalies = 35 credits up to 40 scalies = 45 credits up to 70 scalies = 55 credits up to 110 scalies = 65 credits more than 110 scalies = 75 credits

Any loot items found can either be used, given to members of your gang or auctioned off as gangs see fit.

After the other gangs had fled the area Shift 36 crept through the darkness and noticed a pulsing stone shard on a table with restraining straps. Blood covering the area, a foul stench hung in the air.
Looking at the shard they felt a bad feeling brewing deep inside each of them.
Dewitt Hyden the Ratling sniper picked up the shard and felt a flash of power run through him, he saw an eye, a great eye watching. It was his fellow gang member Arden's, magnified and distorted through the shard.
"To hell with it" he thought and tossed it down a vent shaft... 

As they walked away towards home an adult scaly approached, but with no sign of violent intent on its mind.
It garbled something that as difficult to make out but sounded like "tanks"
It followed after them, why not they thought. We could do with some muscle in the gang!

(The winning gang was allowed a choice, loot the scalies lair for cash or have a scaly as a hired gun.)

Monday, 4 November 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week four, Scalies Lair

It started with folks going missing, then reports of increased Scaly activity. Then the guilder posted bounties for scaly hides in every settlement.

The underhive just declared scaly hunting season open!

The tunnels are dimmly lit, this game will follow the rules for darkness. But there will be no tests to avoid tripping.

Each gang can take 5 chosen gang members, pets do not count towards the model count if taken with their owner. (Although they will still go out if their owner does)

No special deployment rules or skills can be used (your gangs have never been this deep in the underhive before!)

Heavy weapons and models counted as large targets (Ogryns for example) can't be taken as the tunnels and paths to get to the scalies lair are too tight.

There are 8 spawn points they will be chosen in order of gang rating (lowest first)
Lowest gang rating gets first turn, from them turns go clockwise. After all players have had their turns it is the scalies turn.

Scalies turn goes as follows:

  • Move towards closest player model (Controlled by arbitor furthest from the scaly)
  • They will always charge if they can.
  • Combat if any
  • Recovery for adult scalies and spawn points

Spawn points can be temporarily closed by attacking them in combat, they are T4 W1 
Players score automatic hits equal to their attack stat.
Inflicting a wound will close a spawn point for 4 turns.

Spawn points generate D6-1 Young scalies per turn.

Young scalies

They have not yet formed the tough hides of their fully developed kin. If the take a wound remove the model. They are too frail to go "man down"

Exp for wounding Young scalies is awarded as follows
For 5 kills - 10exp
For 15 kills - 15exp
For 25 kills - 20exp

Loot counters are turned over once reached. On the underside is written a die to roll.
This will be either a D4,6,10 or 12. Roll the die written on the loot counter and the arbitor will tell you what you have found/encountered.

Note down what your gangers have found, this equipment might be use able upon finding it, this will be told to you when you find out what you discover.

Exp for this game is awarded as follows
Survived D6+2
Wounding hit on a gang member or adult scaly +5
Young scalies as above

There is also a reward for the "wining" gang that will be determined by their own choice...

In other news the Ograth mining group have taken up the protection of a group of freed pitslaves, who are using their knowledge to get the mining operation back on track. 

A master teacher has been spotted in the area offering his lessons to those willing to listen, and pay his fee.
Members of each gang can send a gang fighter that has gone up a level to him. His fee is 25 credits per gang member.
You can then choose the result on the Advance roll table (skills must still be rolled for)
You must inform a Arbitor if you use his services...

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week three, Shambler

All games this week are subject to the rules for darkness.

Shift 36 deployment
Iron dogs deployment on the right flank
Mills, Marcellus and Merl (the cretin) deploy in ruins on their right flank using vents. Marius, Markus and Mellor use vents to set up further up the right flank on the roof of the town hall (out of shot)
Marius' first shot with Hallucinogen grenades forces one of Shift 36 to flee in terror whilst the dog turns on its now paranoid owner
Markus downs Shift 36's leader using photocontacts as he runs around the corner with a well aimed overwatch shot
The noise generated wakes the Shambler
Shift 36's Ratling on the Irondogs left lines up a shot against the Townhall on the right flank using his Infra-Red scope to down Mellor.
Two of Shift 36's low ranking gangers, hoping to prove themselves to the gang, run forward only to stumble into the clutches of a brainleaf
The paranoid owner, convinced that his own dog has betrayed him, downs the canine before succumbing to the gas and falling unconscious.
Shift 36 continue to advance under a hail of fire from the townhall and the ruins behind it.
The gangers come under the control of the brainleaf.
Meanwhile the Shambler begins to climb the ruins towards Marius and Mills

Marius jumps across the gap but trips on the other side falling off the ledge, pinning him in full view of the Shambler

The Cyber Mastiff, A SCU-773R, distracts the Shambler long enough for Marius to recover

Continued fire from the town hall force Shift 36 to withdraw, leaving the township at the mercy of the Shambler

In their haste, Shift 36 leave one of their gangers under the control of a brainleaf...

This game puts the Shamblers bounty at 44 credits. And a brain controlled ganger tagging along with the following stats