Sunday, 3 November 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week three, Shambler

All games this week are subject to the rules for darkness.

Shift 36 deployment
Iron dogs deployment on the right flank
Mills, Marcellus and Merl (the cretin) deploy in ruins on their right flank using vents. Marius, Markus and Mellor use vents to set up further up the right flank on the roof of the town hall (out of shot)
Marius' first shot with Hallucinogen grenades forces one of Shift 36 to flee in terror whilst the dog turns on its now paranoid owner
Markus downs Shift 36's leader using photocontacts as he runs around the corner with a well aimed overwatch shot
The noise generated wakes the Shambler
Shift 36's Ratling on the Irondogs left lines up a shot against the Townhall on the right flank using his Infra-Red scope to down Mellor.
Two of Shift 36's low ranking gangers, hoping to prove themselves to the gang, run forward only to stumble into the clutches of a brainleaf
The paranoid owner, convinced that his own dog has betrayed him, downs the canine before succumbing to the gas and falling unconscious.
Shift 36 continue to advance under a hail of fire from the townhall and the ruins behind it.
The gangers come under the control of the brainleaf.
Meanwhile the Shambler begins to climb the ruins towards Marius and Mills

Marius jumps across the gap but trips on the other side falling off the ledge, pinning him in full view of the Shambler

The Cyber Mastiff, A SCU-773R, distracts the Shambler long enough for Marius to recover

Continued fire from the town hall force Shift 36 to withdraw, leaving the township at the mercy of the Shambler

In their haste, Shift 36 leave one of their gangers under the control of a brainleaf...

This game puts the Shamblers bounty at 44 credits. And a brain controlled ganger tagging along with the following stats


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