Friday, 19 April 2013

Necromunda boards and a 40k battle

I got a new phone and when I did I dumped all the content from my old phone onto my laptop. Looking through it I figured I would share some of the pictures I have taken but not got anything written for.
So here are some pictures for your viewing

An example of a Necromunda game, I believe this may have been a multi player game, not too sure now...

These pictures are from a game I had with a guy from my local gaming club, the game got called short which was a shame. We will have a rematch at some point and I will do a proper batrep.

This was a game I played against my friend Simon, this game was horrible 6 monstrous creatures 5 of which where toughness 7-9 for the whole game! There was nothing I could do about them!

There was one good thing about this game though, the unit of grots I had guarding the home objective shot and grounded a flying hive tyrant twice! And allowed other units to wear it down. 

When I came to multi charge it with a unit of boyz,  2 deffkopters I figured hey why not chuck the grots in too? The runtherds grabber stick will reduce its attacks by one.

The hive tyrant was at one wound I should add. I then figured Lets see if the runtherd can do anything!
Rolled to hit - I hit
Rolled to wound - I got a 6!
He rolled his save - failed
He rolled feel no pain - failed!

The runtherd killed a flying hive tyrant!!!
I will now remodel this guy to have a HT head on him in some way!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Super Dungeon Explore!!!

The other day I got to play Super Dungeon Explore! My friend Simon owns it and he painted them, so far only the heroes and a couple of bad guys are painted. But he has done a really good job on these guys they look really cool.

My overall experience of this game was that is really good fun! I look forward to playing it again with the expansion he is getting.

One thing I would note it the Paladin is a crutch... trying to play it without him is almost impossible!

Overall a really fun game that looks really cool at the same time.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How we play Necromunda 3: Overwatch with flamers

This came up in a game a couple of weeks ago, and it isn't discussed in the rules so we made a decision between our group and this is how we ruled it.

The Delaque ganger is charging the Scummer who is on overwatch.
Normally this would be -2 to hit, -1 for firing on overwatch and another -1 for the target charging.

But the scummer is using a hand flamer that would auto hit, so would it automatically stop a charge?

We figured that this would be very overpowered and decided that you can overwatch with flamers, but in most cases this will only ever hit one model.
But if you fail to wound the model is not pinned as it normally would be if hit by any other shot. The assaulting model runs through the flames unscathed and gets into combat. Although if the model catches on fire it also doesn't get into combat.

Thats how we play it! Do you have any thoughts on it? I know its not something that would come up a great deal but I figured I would share it anyway.

Necromunda terrain

I made some more terrain yesterday that I thought I would share.

I got round to spraying some of it but the glue wasn't dry on all of them so the others will get done another time.

The sprayed ones still need painting up so this is WIP really

Some simple barricades

A small barricade piece

Another difficult terrain patch, also for the scenario "Rummage" I wrote 

A sewage plant of some sort

That's it! When I make any more or paint them I'll be sure to update.