Friday, 19 April 2013

Necromunda boards and a 40k battle

I got a new phone and when I did I dumped all the content from my old phone onto my laptop. Looking through it I figured I would share some of the pictures I have taken but not got anything written for.
So here are some pictures for your viewing

An example of a Necromunda game, I believe this may have been a multi player game, not too sure now...

These pictures are from a game I had with a guy from my local gaming club, the game got called short which was a shame. We will have a rematch at some point and I will do a proper batrep.

This was a game I played against my friend Simon, this game was horrible 6 monstrous creatures 5 of which where toughness 7-9 for the whole game! There was nothing I could do about them!

There was one good thing about this game though, the unit of grots I had guarding the home objective shot and grounded a flying hive tyrant twice! And allowed other units to wear it down. 

When I came to multi charge it with a unit of boyz,  2 deffkopters I figured hey why not chuck the grots in too? The runtherds grabber stick will reduce its attacks by one.

The hive tyrant was at one wound I should add. I then figured Lets see if the runtherd can do anything!
Rolled to hit - I hit
Rolled to wound - I got a 6!
He rolled his save - failed
He rolled feel no pain - failed!

The runtherd killed a flying hive tyrant!!!
I will now remodel this guy to have a HT head on him in some way!

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  1. It's always fun when the underdog gets the killing blow!