Saturday, 27 February 2016

Cylena and the Nyss Hunters converted

I have had a unit of second hand Nyss for a while that I picked up in a trade. They where missing a lot of the scabbards, bows and quivers that are all meant to fit on their backs (somehow)

I saw a great conversion of them using Glade guard parts on the PP forums by PG_Cutthroatcure his thread can be found here.

I picked up a box of Glade guard and got to work.

I unassembled then cleaned up the Nyss

The Glade guard come with 5 different capes. I don't like the one on the left with all the extra details so I didn't use that one.

Aside from Cylena there are 3 different bodies for the grunts. I mixed the capes up so each of the grunt sculpts have different capes and heads. This makes sure each model will look different. 

I really want these guys to stay together so I pinned each component.
The capes are pinned into the right shoulder of each model (the right side has the quiver so is easier to drill into) 

This is the group of 4 grunts with the same body. After I fully assembled the Nyss I used green stuff to join the cape to the hood smoothly to make it look like a single cape.

These guys really have a sense of movement.

Cylena herself! I wanted her to stand out and seeing as she has the least ugly face I decided to keep her as is. I sculpted a hood on the back of her cape to make her fit better with the rest of the unit.

Overall I'm really happy with how they turned out. One of my friends at my local club has already asked me to convert his Nyss for him the same way.

If you would like to commission me to convert a unit of them for your army, send me an email at
(I'm based in the UK)

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Loads of character models Painted

So as a treat to myself I saved painting some of the character models in my two lists for last!
Well I'm now fully painted for my ADR pairing at Smogcon, its been a lot of work but I think its worth it and will look a lot better now I have fully painted armies to put on the table.

Rhupert might be getting tartan treatment in the future on his bagpipes sack.

I cut eEiryss off the building piece she comes on and made her a rock out of green stuff.
I'm happy with how she looks now.

pEiryss is a bit of a derpy model in my opinion but as I don't have the money to buy the No Quarter version (and likely never will) I'm stuck with her, I tried to make her as similar in scheme to eEiryss as I could.

Ragman looks a bit like Scarecrow from Batman... I tried a bit of source light effect coming from his hand. Not as good as I have seen other people do but good enough I'm happy with it!

Aiyana was fun to paint, she had been one of those models I put off for ages due to her being such a nice model I don't want to make a mess of them. But now she is done I'm happy with her.

For a long time I didn't know what colours to paint Holt in, but I finally go there and now he and Aiyana are ready to enable eCaine's assassinations! 

Well that's me fully painted for Smogcon! (well the masters event at least...)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Ace, Sentinel & Strangewayes Painted

Strangeways was another difficult model for me to paint, choosing what colour to paint various bits of him without it looking too bland.

Ace is my newest Cygnar model and I'm pleased to have him painted up this quick! As the character Warjack for my favourite Warcaster I really wanted him painted.

Here Ace is with both pCaine & eCaine!  

The Sentinel Warjack that was eCaines buddy before I got Ace. He's now in the specialists for eCaine's list at Masters events.

I got him second hand when I bought someones entire army. I like the way he's posed as if preforming a slam power attack (what he ends up doing more than shooting when I use him)

So thats all the Warjacks painted for my Masters pairing at Smogcon, just a bunch of character models to paint now as a treat to myself!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Light Jack Problems, gun gone - first hit

I can't talk for anyone else but my light warjacks have a habit of having their gun arms crippled the first hit they take.

I thought I would have a think about what each of our ranged light jacks have to offer once the inevitable happens and they get crippled.


If it is in a battlegroup then it can spend focus to boost to get back to two dice with its powerful attack ability so it can still have a decent damage output even when crippled.


The firefly's gun is mostly unimpressive, its main use to me is the eleap which can be used to bypass high defense, stealth or things that prevent attacks. (As eleaps aren't attacks)
Best thing to do when its gun is crippled is to forfeit movement to aim and shoot one of your electrically immune models in the back to arc the eleap where you need it.
It's also easy enough to hit most heavies in the game aiming even with only one dice.
Also good to remember that even though the gun generates the eleap, it is not considered to create the damage and does not suffer the effects of the crippled system.

It also still has the ability to help out with stormcallers even when it only has one box left, as it is not tied to any systems.


Even with its gun crippled it can still benefit from manual reload ability and get 3 shots if needed. Its main targets are low arm infantry but with one dice for damage you will likely to struggle to break armour with pow 6 blasts. I mainly use Grenadiers jack marshaled to gunmages so with runeshots you can use Thunderbolt for its push effects. Even if they don't kill a model once crippled you still have the utility of the push on 3 aoe's. Great for clearing zones or pushing models out of shieldwall for other models to kill.


These are the jack I most often have crippled guns on a first hit. Again I often have these marshaled to gunmages for the rune shots. Luckily it has a high base RAT so it can often still hit its main target heavies even with one dice especially when aiming. You can then use your jack marshal boost for damage.


With two guns it's not often you will have to deal with a crippled Minuteman. They tend to be fire and forget missiles, and mainly go from fully healthy to destroyed in one turn. Flak field isn't tied to an arm so would still work.


Its gun is not its main selling point really. It can aim and try to hit I guess... I have never had much use out of its shooting, but it's not why I take one. For me they are for shieldguards, holding zones or slambots.


With his high RAT and good likelihood of rangers being in the list he can use the Runeshot types even with a crippled Gun arm. Allowing him to use thunderbolt to push a model out of a zone, make a model not count for LOS with shadow fire or hit a low DEF heavy to kill a nearby model with Trick shot (which would roll 2 dice damage as like eleap its not counted as a ranged attack damage roll)

And finally if in doubt you can always move it to a suitable location and destroy it to give your important models some cover!

I guess you could use these guys in a pinch?

(Not that many people use them...)

What do you do with your jacks once they are crippled?