Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Ace, Sentinel & Strangewayes Painted

Strangeways was another difficult model for me to paint, choosing what colour to paint various bits of him without it looking too bland.

Ace is my newest Cygnar model and I'm pleased to have him painted up this quick! As the character Warjack for my favourite Warcaster I really wanted him painted.

Here Ace is with both pCaine & eCaine!  

The Sentinel Warjack that was eCaines buddy before I got Ace. He's now in the specialists for eCaine's list at Masters events.

I got him second hand when I bought someones entire army. I like the way he's posed as if preforming a slam power attack (what he ends up doing more than shooting when I use him)

So thats all the Warjacks painted for my Masters pairing at Smogcon, just a bunch of character models to paint now as a treat to myself!

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