Saturday, 27 February 2016

Cylena and the Nyss Hunters converted

I have had a unit of second hand Nyss for a while that I picked up in a trade. They where missing a lot of the scabbards, bows and quivers that are all meant to fit on their backs (somehow)

I saw a great conversion of them using Glade guard parts on the PP forums by PG_Cutthroatcure his thread can be found here.

I picked up a box of Glade guard and got to work.

I unassembled then cleaned up the Nyss

The Glade guard come with 5 different capes. I don't like the one on the left with all the extra details so I didn't use that one.

Aside from Cylena there are 3 different bodies for the grunts. I mixed the capes up so each of the grunt sculpts have different capes and heads. This makes sure each model will look different. 

I really want these guys to stay together so I pinned each component.
The capes are pinned into the right shoulder of each model (the right side has the quiver so is easier to drill into) 

This is the group of 4 grunts with the same body. After I fully assembled the Nyss I used green stuff to join the cape to the hood smoothly to make it look like a single cape.

These guys really have a sense of movement.

Cylena herself! I wanted her to stand out and seeing as she has the least ugly face I decided to keep her as is. I sculpted a hood on the back of her cape to make her fit better with the rest of the unit.

Overall I'm really happy with how they turned out. One of my friends at my local club has already asked me to convert his Nyss for him the same way.

If you would like to commission me to convert a unit of them for your army, send me an email at
(I'm based in the UK)


  1. Really love the converted Nyss, nicely done :)

  2. Looking Great. Can't wait to miss them repeatedly.

  3. Very nicely done. One suggestion if you do this again: change the Wood Elf swords for katanas to fit the PP Nyss aesthetic better. There's quite a few manufacturers who make katanas of one sort or another (I like the look of puppetswar's:

    1. Nice Katanas! I will definitely keep that in mind as an option for future projects. Thanks mate