Thursday, 24 January 2013

Necromunda Nasher/Ork Attack Squig : Finished!!!

Well!  I put the model together and.... painted it!!!

Here it is unpainted for comparison

My friend and I went to our local gaming club and just sat and hung out painting.

And here is the result!

It's hard to see with my poor camera but the black is a glossy.
It's odd but when I got back into the hobby I got the starter paint set from GW, I sat and painted it onto my orks boots and it looked glossy when it dried!  It looked like my ork was wearing wellie boots!!
Turns out it was a bad batch, but I kept it.  It comes in handy sometimes!

Also the red isn't as in your face in person.

I also got given these

My friend sorted me out with Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers!  I need to sort him out at some point for these gems...  they will make great Necromunda gangers!  I just need to strip the paint.

Next up Attack pet Cretin or Ork Looted wagon with Skorcha???  Which would you rather see?

Please leave a comment letting me know what you think of the above things, and what you would like me to paint next

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Campaign packs are made!

I spent about an hour in a print shop and behold!!

 I put mine into a leaver arch clip kinda file, this will allow me to add scenarios and other added rules as we want them.
A nice example of the quality work the community edition guys have done!  Necromunda reborn!

This is an example of rules we have added to the CE rulebook.

The attack pet rules, which are on Anthony Case's website.
(Loads of great stuff on there)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Necromunda Nasher/Ork Attack Squig

Ok I was interested in modeling a Necromunda attack pet Nasher.  The rules for these are on Anthony Case's website.

It will also double as an attack squig for my Orks should I want to use it.

I plan to use this, its the attack squig arm for an Ork warboss I ended up not using

I need to remove the arm and mount it on a base that is decorative enough too, when I get round to painting it I want to give it a look that combines these two...

Well I will post pics of it when I finish it!

Friday, 18 January 2013

First game of 40K this year

So I had my first game of 40K this year!
I haven't played as much 40K as I would like, as I have been playing more Necromunda and Warmachine lately.

A friend of mine Scott challeged me to a 2000 point game.  He plays Imperial Guard, I chose to use my Grey Knights.  They are my secondary army in 40K I mainly play Orks so I wanted some practice with them.

The battle lines are drawn...

Scott is new to the game, he has played under 5 games I think so we took it slow and had a friendly game.  Although I think that Grey Knights where a bit too much and the game ended in my favor.  He is a learn from your mistakes kinda guy, so I offered my advice mainly at the end of the game as to what I would have done had I been in his place.

A nice part of the game was that we got to have a Character fight!  My Grand Master Vs Lord Castellan Creed!

It was a fun game but I promised that I would use my Orks next time...

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Necromunda Campaign

So my local gaming group and I are finishing what will be our second Necromunda campaign soon.

There will be a large game in which most of the gangs that participated in the campaign will assault the wall and attempt to attack the spire from the hive city.

The next campaign we start will be using community edition rules which we are all looking forward to.
We met yesterday and discussed which of all the pdf's we collectively own should be included.
These will be printed out and made into "campaign packs" which will be given to everyone at the start of the campaign.  This is an attempt to avoid the "could you pass the rule book" problem we have had the last two campaigns.

New Year : New Wargamer

Hello to all that read this!

I have been back in the hobby for three years now and have started to hit a wall.  I have too many unfinished projects and decided to keep a blog as a motivational tool.  Feedback on my blog would be greatly appreciated.

I play Warhammer 40K, Warmachine and Necromunda primarily.
I would be including Modelling and painting of these games and battle reports as well.

I will try to keep regular updates but these will be unscheduled to say the least!

Please enjoy....and feel free to open a dialogue as I welcome all comments.