Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Necromunda Campaign

So my local gaming group and I are finishing what will be our second Necromunda campaign soon.

There will be a large game in which most of the gangs that participated in the campaign will assault the wall and attempt to attack the spire from the hive city.

The next campaign we start will be using community edition rules which we are all looking forward to.
We met yesterday and discussed which of all the pdf's we collectively own should be included.
These will be printed out and made into "campaign packs" which will be given to everyone at the start of the campaign.  This is an attempt to avoid the "could you pass the rule book" problem we have had the last two campaigns.


  1. Great idea on the campaign packs, should help keep things smooth!

  2. They have been made now! Pictures posted too if you're interested