Thursday, 24 January 2013

Necromunda Nasher/Ork Attack Squig : Finished!!!

Well!  I put the model together and.... painted it!!!

Here it is unpainted for comparison

My friend and I went to our local gaming club and just sat and hung out painting.

And here is the result!

It's hard to see with my poor camera but the black is a glossy.
It's odd but when I got back into the hobby I got the starter paint set from GW, I sat and painted it onto my orks boots and it looked glossy when it dried!  It looked like my ork was wearing wellie boots!!
Turns out it was a bad batch, but I kept it.  It comes in handy sometimes!

Also the red isn't as in your face in person.

I also got given these

My friend sorted me out with Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers!  I need to sort him out at some point for these gems...  they will make great Necromunda gangers!  I just need to strip the paint.

Next up Attack pet Cretin or Ork Looted wagon with Skorcha???  Which would you rather see?

Please leave a comment letting me know what you think of the above things, and what you would like me to paint next


  1. LOVE the Last Chancers! I have a whole set plus some extra Schaeffers and Grease Monkeys (they're on eBay all the time cheaply), solely because they are characterful models to paint and convert.

  2. Great Nasher!

    I've got a couple of last chancers as homebrew special characters; characterful sculpts all of them!

    I vote cretin, just so I can shamelessly nick the idea ;)

  3. great now i want some last chancers