Friday, 1 February 2013

Delaque gang finished

Ok Alex was the only request so I went ahead and painted my gang a cretin! I also finished my gang!!!

Sat down with my girlfriend and went though my gang and named them all. (She is much better at coming up with names than me!)

So here is my Delaque gang.

My Leader: Bullseye

He's armed with a Grenade launcher with frag & krak

Heavy: Tapper armed with Heavy Bolter
(I know its a heavy stubber, I just didn't want to cut up an old mini)

 Heavy: Jayne armed with his named Plamsagun

 Gangers with Lasguns: Pockit & Alby

Gangers with Shotguns: Riley & Hicks

Juves with Autopistols: Iago & Mugen

Cretin with stubgun: Patrick

His much loved tied together stubgun

The gang make his carry their gear for them

Nasher: Snowflake

And a full gang shot!

So what do you think?? Please let me know!

Oh I also just noticed that in the group picture it kinda looks like the cretin has his hand stuck up the heavy weapons barrel 0.o

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