Friday, 8 February 2013

Making a new Necromunda gang

I have been well and truly bitten by the Necromunda bug...

I wanted to make a new gang that could be used as nearly any house I wanted.
I also wanted them to look good and have custom bases.  With that in mind I made these

I then set about making what I think will be a good gang leader.  I wanted him armed for close combat.  Every house gang I have played so far has had a shooty leader, either a Plasmagun or a Grenade launcher.
So I armed this guy with combat weapons

 I armed him with a Chainsword and Plasmapistol, which is possible in a starting gang in a few of the houses now in CE

The model was originally standing on a skull.
I don't know, GW and their obsession with skulls...
So I cut it off and have him stepping up onto the motor housing in front of him.  I'm hoping this looks better.

As mainly an Ork player I don't really have a human sized bitz in my bitz box.  But I did buy a Chimera a while back to convert, lucky for me I kept the spare parts.  So I gave this guy the tank commander head.

I found out some interesting things.  They expect you to make some of them as non combat roles, such as one guy holding a banner and a medic.  So there are not enough arms that can hold combat weapons... So I will need to get hold of some more arms to finish the last 2...

I did manage to turn an arm meant to be carrying a banner into a sword arm

I simple cut the pole off and filled away were it met the arm and attached the sword!

A fairly simple build after that really

I wanted to make a Heavy with Grenade launcher next as I love this weapon in CE

I used another head from the Chimera kit for this guy, it had a nice tech look that makes the heavy look nice.  I filled of the aquila from his helmet and gun, gangs are unlikely to go around with that on them so much!

And here is a group shot!

More on the way as I get bitz for them!  Lacking arms, pistols and combat weapons at the moment but will try to get hold of some!

Please let me know what you think of them in the comments if you have the time/effort to do so.


  1. Find the eBay bitz sellers that sell individual pieces you need for dirt cheap, and go to town bidding on them. I now have about 8 bitz boxes (body parts, ranged weapons, melee weapons, decorative bitz (like banners and trophies), chaos, xenos, basing materials, and vehicle/building bitz. They aren't all full (yet) but were done rather cheaply in large part due to awesome eBay bitz dealers.