Friday, 1 February 2013

Orks Orks Orks!!!

I have decided on a way to get my Ork army painted.

I have written up a roughly 1000 point list and will paint it in units.

So here is what I have planned:

Warboss with Big choppa, attack squig and Kombi Skorcha

30 boyz with shootas, 3 big shootas, Nob with Power Klaw and boss pole

30 boyz with sluggas and choppas, 3 big shootas, Nob with Power Klaw and boss pole

15 Kommandos with 2 burnas, Nob with  Power Klaw and boss pole and Snikrot

3 Killa kans with Rokkits

I will then see how I go from there and up the points.

Which should I paint first???  Will post them as I finish them


  1. cant wait to see da boyz painted

  2. id say paint the boss first he is after all really the center piece of the force but htne u probz alredy started aint ya boss, which is more than i can say hoping to do a bit tonight on my tournament force while working tactics etc out for the tournament tomoz, and then looking forward to our game tomorrow night