Thursday, 7 February 2013

A update on everything!

With real life getting in the way a little this week not so much progress has been made on the painting of my Ork army.

What I did manage to do is glue sand and random bits to the bases of:
60 Ork boyz
15 Kommandos & Snikrot
3 Killa kans

When I have a fully painted unit I will post it.

I also have a game against a guy from my local gaming club The giants Lair

He got in contact with me because of this blog which was nice, and on Saturday we will have a 2.5K game.
I will post a battle report for it afterwards.

His blog is here if you are interested:

On the Necromunda side of things the campaign was had its 2nd week now and it's going well!

Two pitslave gangs who are the property of their masters are being forced to fight each other in the arena, that is until they escape!! When that happens the underhive will be turned on its head no doubt with two rampaging pitslave gangs out for vengeance!!

The arena in all its glory!!

Also with Necromunda flowing though my veins and the last chancers I was given...
Well my thoughts have turned to making another gang.  Not for the current campaign but just a project or for a future one.  So I picked up this today.
So with this and some of the last chancers I think look best for the gang I will make myself another gang which can be of any house really.

I will of course post pictures as and when I finish any of them.

Please let me know what you think of my stuff as usual I appreciate all feedback!

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