Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Event cards and gang update

They took me a while to make but I finally finished the event cards for Necromunda!  I got them from Anthony Case's site.
There are two types, ones that can be used in game and ones that effect before or after a game.

Here they are

Got a couple more games of Necromunda this week, both against Goliath gangs, although one has an Ogryn which is a daunting prospect to fight!

The pit fighting continues this week one of the matches was that they had convicts to fight and kill, with the winner being the one who killed the most of them!

Here is a quick picture of the first Goliath gang I fought

And the other gang including the Ogryn with his "gang mate" Pikachu

My gang suffered a loss of a juve who had become a ganger.  Lucky for me he had not really improved in anyway that I was worried to lose him.  I also am replacing Iago's juve model with a ganger one.  He had proved him self worthy.  He already has infiltrate, catfall BS3 and LD9!!!  (though 1 point of LD was from impressive scars)

I rolled up a sentry drone on the rare trade chart and I figured who better to give it to then Iago!  With infiltrate and LD 9 he will make a good handler for my new toy...

For the model I was a little lazy, its my looted attack squig for my Ork warboss.  I made it ages ago but I hope it fits in with the gang.

Its called BNI if anyone figures out what that stands for I will be impressed!

So what do you think of this offering unto Necromunda??


  1. Nice! I love that arena, and I'm really digging the pics of the games. Necromunda is by far my favorite of the 40k games, it's always awesome to see others playing it!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks! I will take more picture in game then. I was also thinking about doing a post on each gang showing all their models.