Thursday, 30 May 2013

Writing a narrative Necromunda campaign

My gaming group is playing Battlefleet Gothic at the moment which is giving me time to think about how I want the next Necromunda campaign to go.

I have been writing a Narrative campaign for this one, with special event games and rewards as well.
There will also be negative things going on throughout that will hamper all the gangs.

I don't want to go into too much detail right now as I want to discuss all this with the group first before anything is confirmed.

I was going to use some of the models I have been working on as my new gang, but I like my Delaques too much. That and I just sunk a little more money into them, but more about that later.

The other thing I wanted to get the nets opinion on was my old Delaque gang...
I feel they are looking a bit tired these days and wondered which would be a better idea.
Strip and repaint or just touch them up a bit?

Please let me know what you would do.

Also what do you think on the subject on basing? This is how they are currently based.

And this is how I was thinking of basing them, it would need a bit of work as I would need to make and pin every gang member but it might be worth it...

These are my latest arrivals to the gang! I picked up some more of Heresy's Trenchcoat gangers.
I can't say enough good things about this company, very quick to send them and the sculpts are great!

 Please let me know your opinions.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

More work on my new gang

I have been doing some more work on my future Necromunda gang, not sure what house I will use them as though.

This model was holding a odd look sci-fi rifle which I carefully removed. It was brittle plastic, but the end result is nice.

I used the sci-fi greatcoat trooper bodies with some GW parts to make the next couple of guys

A group shot of the gang so far, I might make some changes or add some more guys.

This is my old Scavvy gang I will likely have to repaint them. I never got around to finishing them when I was playing them and then ware and tear chipped them up.

Friday, 10 May 2013

My Delaque gang end of campaign summary

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me, but one of the things that happened was my gaming groups Necromunda campaign finished! We did a big game for a finish, with two huge pitslave gangs holding out against all the other gangs. (I will post about it in better detail later)

But here is a summary of how my Delaque gang are at the campaigns end. I did stop using them for the last month or so to try out a Wyrd gang, so they would have been slightly tougher but eh...

Too much talk! More pictures!

My leader Bulleye
He started with a grenade launcher with frag and krak, but when my friends Ogryn got toughness 6 I bought him a meltagun. When he capped at 401 exp I put the launcher back on him but with Hallucinogen grenades, I figured as he couldn't get exp they would serve the gang better with him.
 WS6 BS6 S4 T4 W1 I5 A1 LD9                 Skills: Iron will, Haggler, Venerable, Strategist

These are my Heavies Tapper and Jayne they both did pretty well I was happy with them over all. Tapper had a heavy bolter not the stubber the model has (I'm not cutting up an old mini!) and Jayne had a Plasmagun 
Tapper: WS3 BS5 S3 T4 W1 I3 A3 LD6 Shellshock    Skills: Weaponsmith, Inventor, Medic, Armourer, Perforator
Jayne: WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 LD7 Arm wound(L)  Skills: Automaton, Perforator, Protection mastery, Independence mastery, Control mastery, Armourer  He had a Cretin as a pet.

Gangers Pockit, Riley and Hicks
Pockit and Hicks are both just very average, Riley on the other hand was one of my best!
He got hipshooting then got good BS, later he picked Specailst and the game after that Sprint! I gave him the meltagun and he had a 24" threat range!
 Pockit: WS4 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I3 A1 LD7 Part blind(L)  Skills: Marksman, Rapidfire, Gunfighter, Dodge
Riley: WS5 BS6 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 LD7  Skills: Hipshooting, Sprint, Specialist
Hicks: WS3 BS3 S4 T4 W1 I3 A1 LD8 Legwound Skills: Marksman, Rapidfire, Friendly ear, Sneakup

Gangers Rich, Iago and Gary again average guys without much going for them, except Iago who got infiltrate and LD9 very early (he started as a juve) So I gave him a gundrone when I rolled one up. 
 Rich: WS2 BS4 S4 T4 W3 I4 A1 LD7
Iago: WS3 BS5 S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 LD9 Impressive scars Skills: Infiltrate, Catfall, Control mastery
Gary: WS3 BS4 S4 T3 W1 I3 A1 LD7 Arm wound(R) Wryd minor power: Zen shootist(Obtained via a card event)

Gangers Gin, Barry and Karl more average joes...
 Gin: WS5 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 LD6 Horrible scars Skills: Sprint, escape artist
Barry: WS2 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 LD6 Arm wound(L) Hates some ganger.. Skills: Infiltrate
Karl: WS2 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I3 A1 LD6 Skills: Infiltrate, Rapidfire, Sprint

Juves Glen, Old ben, Biggs and Wedge
 Glen: WS3 BS2 S4 T3 W1 I3 A2 LD6 Old battle wound Skills: Leap
Old ben: WS2 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I3 A1 LD6 Skills: Jumpback, fixer
Biggs: Brand new...
Wedge: Brand new...

Attack pets, Patrick and Jeeves both cretins and an attack drone called BNI (Batteries not included)

So thats pretty much my gang, if this format is any good and you would like to see reviews on the other gangs in the campaign let me know with a comment!