Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Terrain update

I made these a while ago and finally got around to painting them, they might still need a bit of work.

Some difficult terrain to add some spice to game of Necromunda slowing movement in high traffic areas can have a big in game effect.
They are also a big part of a Scavengers scenario I'm working on

First piece both sides

 Second piece both sides

A waterstill type piece with some cover

Please let me know what you think!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Quick painting update Ork Boyz

As the title says, just thought I would post a WIP of the unit of 30 Shoota Boyz I'm working on.

The unit has three Big Shootas and a Nob with Power Klaw included

These are not finished yet but they are at least tournament legal.  Progress has been made!

Necromunda Campaign gangs so far

I thought I would post some pictures of the other gangs in the campaign. A couple of them are still WIP and I will get more pictures of them as they get more work done to them.

First up is John H's Chaos cultists (Goliaths)

 John J's Redemptionists

Dan's Pitslaves

Chris's Pitslaves

Simon's Goliaths

So far both pitslave gangs are still "owned" by the area bosses, but at some point soon they will attempt to break out!

The Redemptionists have missed a couple of weeks and are currently the underdogs but did really well this week. Making some good use of the event cards to get a great win with a huge underdog bonus!

Both Goliath gangs are doing well, but their heavies have had little chance to do much yet, but it's still early days!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Event cards and gang update

They took me a while to make but I finally finished the event cards for Necromunda!  I got them from Anthony Case's site.
There are two types, ones that can be used in game and ones that effect before or after a game.

Here they are

Got a couple more games of Necromunda this week, both against Goliath gangs, although one has an Ogryn which is a daunting prospect to fight!

The pit fighting continues this week one of the matches was that they had convicts to fight and kill, with the winner being the one who killed the most of them!

Here is a quick picture of the first Goliath gang I fought

And the other gang including the Ogryn with his "gang mate" Pikachu

My gang suffered a loss of a juve who had become a ganger.  Lucky for me he had not really improved in anyway that I was worried to lose him.  I also am replacing Iago's juve model with a ganger one.  He had proved him self worthy.  He already has infiltrate, catfall BS3 and LD9!!!  (though 1 point of LD was from impressive scars)

I rolled up a sentry drone on the rare trade chart and I figured who better to give it to then Iago!  With infiltrate and LD 9 he will make a good handler for my new toy...

For the model I was a little lazy, its my looted attack squig for my Ork warboss.  I made it ages ago but I hope it fits in with the gang.

Its called BNI if anyone figures out what that stands for I will be impressed!

So what do you think of this offering unto Necromunda??

Friday, 8 February 2013

Making a new Necromunda gang

I have been well and truly bitten by the Necromunda bug...

I wanted to make a new gang that could be used as nearly any house I wanted.
I also wanted them to look good and have custom bases.  With that in mind I made these

I then set about making what I think will be a good gang leader.  I wanted him armed for close combat.  Every house gang I have played so far has had a shooty leader, either a Plasmagun or a Grenade launcher.
So I armed this guy with combat weapons

 I armed him with a Chainsword and Plasmapistol, which is possible in a starting gang in a few of the houses now in CE

The model was originally standing on a skull.
I don't know, GW and their obsession with skulls...
So I cut it off and have him stepping up onto the motor housing in front of him.  I'm hoping this looks better.

As mainly an Ork player I don't really have a human sized bitz in my bitz box.  But I did buy a Chimera a while back to convert, lucky for me I kept the spare parts.  So I gave this guy the tank commander head.

I found out some interesting things.  They expect you to make some of them as non combat roles, such as one guy holding a banner and a medic.  So there are not enough arms that can hold combat weapons... So I will need to get hold of some more arms to finish the last 2...

I did manage to turn an arm meant to be carrying a banner into a sword arm

I simple cut the pole off and filled away were it met the arm and attached the sword!

A fairly simple build after that really

I wanted to make a Heavy with Grenade launcher next as I love this weapon in CE

I used another head from the Chimera kit for this guy, it had a nice tech look that makes the heavy look nice.  I filled of the aquila from his helmet and gun, gangs are unlikely to go around with that on them so much!

And here is a group shot!

More on the way as I get bitz for them!  Lacking arms, pistols and combat weapons at the moment but will try to get hold of some!

Please let me know what you think of them in the comments if you have the time/effort to do so.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

A update on everything!

With real life getting in the way a little this week not so much progress has been made on the painting of my Ork army.

What I did manage to do is glue sand and random bits to the bases of:
60 Ork boyz
15 Kommandos & Snikrot
3 Killa kans

When I have a fully painted unit I will post it.

I also have a game against a guy from my local gaming club The giants Lair

He got in contact with me because of this blog which was nice, and on Saturday we will have a 2.5K game.
I will post a battle report for it afterwards.

His blog is here if you are interested:

On the Necromunda side of things the campaign was had its 2nd week now and it's going well!

Two pitslave gangs who are the property of their masters are being forced to fight each other in the arena, that is until they escape!! When that happens the underhive will be turned on its head no doubt with two rampaging pitslave gangs out for vengeance!!

The arena in all its glory!!

Also with Necromunda flowing though my veins and the last chancers I was given...
Well my thoughts have turned to making another gang.  Not for the current campaign but just a project or for a future one.  So I picked up this today.
So with this and some of the last chancers I think look best for the gang I will make myself another gang which can be of any house really.

I will of course post pictures as and when I finish any of them.

Please let me know what you think of my stuff as usual I appreciate all feedback!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Orks Orks Orks!!!

I have decided on a way to get my Ork army painted.

I have written up a roughly 1000 point list and will paint it in units.

So here is what I have planned:

Warboss with Big choppa, attack squig and Kombi Skorcha

30 boyz with shootas, 3 big shootas, Nob with Power Klaw and boss pole

30 boyz with sluggas and choppas, 3 big shootas, Nob with Power Klaw and boss pole

15 Kommandos with 2 burnas, Nob with  Power Klaw and boss pole and Snikrot

3 Killa kans with Rokkits

I will then see how I go from there and up the points.

Which should I paint first???  Will post them as I finish them

Delaque gang finished

Ok Alex was the only request so I went ahead and painted my gang a cretin! I also finished my gang!!!

Sat down with my girlfriend and went though my gang and named them all. (She is much better at coming up with names than me!)

So here is my Delaque gang.

My Leader: Bullseye

He's armed with a Grenade launcher with frag & krak

Heavy: Tapper armed with Heavy Bolter
(I know its a heavy stubber, I just didn't want to cut up an old mini)

 Heavy: Jayne armed with his named Plamsagun

 Gangers with Lasguns: Pockit & Alby

Gangers with Shotguns: Riley & Hicks

Juves with Autopistols: Iago & Mugen

Cretin with stubgun: Patrick

His much loved tied together stubgun

The gang make his carry their gear for them

Nasher: Snowflake

And a full gang shot!

So what do you think?? Please let me know!

Oh I also just noticed that in the group picture it kinda looks like the cretin has his hand stuck up the heavy weapons barrel 0.o