Monday, 14 August 2017

Caine3 Painted

Caine3 is done! I have been looking forward to using him for a while but putting off painting him... Like every other time I have painted gunmage type models I have taken a long time about it and not enjoyed it much.

Caine himself was a straight forward paint job really, I had the colour scheme down just copying his previous versions. 

Watts with his dumb rifle holding pose... yeah. I had originally painted his neckerchief red, but it made him look like such a Caine wannabee douche so I repainted it dark green. This also makes the unit slightly match up with my mercs as a bonus as I have used dark green a lot when painting them.

Ryan looks a lot worse in this unit compared to her black 13th version... I'm guessing she takes Lynch's hat during the events of the Caine novel (the books cost way too much in the UK, I would love to read them but can't really afford them!)
I don't like how the hat looks on her, it rides way too low over her face, which makes it look even more lacking in detail.

Comparison shot of the Black 13th members and their previous versions. 

Caine1,2&3 together with Ace!

While I was painting Caine3 and his unit I also finished up my second Gunmage rifleman.

So what do you think of my Caine3? I look forward to testing him out I have a few crazy lists I want to try out. I will try to make batreps for them for the youtube channel!

Friday, 11 August 2017

Art of War Studios Measuring sticks - Review

I've seen a few people lately asking about measuring sticks, looking for recommendations - so I have decided to review the ones I purchased in December of last year, from Art of War Studios.

I bought them after a recommendation from a well known fellow gamer, so I was reasonably confident. Price-wise, they are about half the cost of the next competitors, and a quarter the cost of the game-licensed measuring sticks.

When they arrived they were broken into pieces and the packaging was badly damaged in transit. I contacted the guys at Art of War. They got straight back to me and sent out a replacement set without complaint and at no extra cost to me!

I painted the engraved parts as recommended on their website and they look great!
I painted them to match my Cygnar army's colour scheme of black, white and gold. I waited a few minutes after applying the paint, then buffed the sticks with a slightly moistened tissue to clean off excess paint that wasn't in the engraved areas.

In game they have been great - from the start of the game when I use them to mark out my deployment zone, to speeding up my play by making measuring quick and easy. 
They are ideal for measuring the other player's threat ranges (just don't leave too many of them on the table in Steamroller 2017!)
I find the fact that they are thinner than other measuring sticks to be a nice benefit as they can often fit in between models for a measurement once the game gets a bit messy.

They can be found at Art of War Studios web-store here
(They are intended for use for Guildball, but I won't tell if you don't!) 

Overall these measuring sticks offer great value for money. I was initially worried that they might break due to the fact they are thinner than any other acrylic sticks on the market - but they have been very resilient (God knows what the postman must have done to them to break them that first time!).

Ultimately - I definitely recommend! 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Sam & the Devil Dogs Painted

I painted this character unit a while ago, I had intended to convert some of them to make them all look different. But I didn't have any bits that I could use to convert them and didn't want to spend extra cash. I did make green stuff slings to hold the weapons rather than have them just floating on their backs.

A couple of different grunts front and back, these are the most repeated sculpts 

These two grunts are the most interesting looking to me, I love the action poses they both have.

I look forward to the mayhem this lot will create when I put them on the table. I have plans to try them with Haley3 behind a trencher cloud wall, and with Maddox in Tim from Storm chambers list.
What do you think of my Devil dogs? Have you tried them on the table? If so what do you think of them?

Friday, 4 August 2017

3 Magnetised Heavy Warjacks Painted

Finished up 3 heavy warjacks all magnetised!

This is the third of this chassis that I have now magnetised, I'm so glad that I magged them all. Being able to use any option I want makes trying things out in lists really easy.

I now have my first 2 magged "Ironclad" chassis. Shown here as a Cyclone

I got the guns for a Cyclone in a trade so I magged a battlebox Ironclad to be able to use them, I was missing a hand for when it was a Cyclone. I have a few Ironclad hammers in my bits box from making character jacks like Triumph and Gallant so I carved out the hammer to make an "open fist"

Figured I would show off all 3 of the "centurion" chassis jacks in all their different types.

I have a Jakes2 list I want to try with 3 hammersmiths and a bunch of Ironclads. Might not be the best list but I think it will be fun to see!

3 Avengers... I'm looking for a list that runs all 3 at the same time! If you have one let me know!

3 Cyclones!!!! I have a Caine3 list that will use them all. The middle one is my old glued one from mk2, I'll admit I never thought I would ever get another one!

Only 1 of the 2 magged jacks I painted up for this post had the parts for a Defender, so the magged jack is the one in the middle, the other 2 are my older glued Defenders

5 Ironclads!!!! the front 2 are the new magged ones, yeah I think thats enough Ironclads now...

What do you think of my new and old heavies? I think that will be enough now... I do worry about the prospect of the model getting a new sculpt seeing as the Cryx jacks are getting a resculpt it is possible these will too...

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Jakes2 Painted

Jakes2 is done!!!! She took me soooo long I'm so glad to have her done now! 

She is really detailed it took me ages to paint her, mainly due to getting painting block and putting her off for months. I finally got her finished during a painting live stream with RikersIron he was painting Bones minis. It was good to hang out with other people painting it gave me the push to get her finally finished. 

Here she is next to her younger version, I tried to make sure they look similar enough.
What do you think of my Jakes2? Do you have any fun lists you like to run with her?