Monday, 21 August 2017

Magnetised Stormwall/Hurricane Painted

My magnetised Hurricane/Stormwall is painted!

The coils are ok maybe not my best work but they will do for now... I really wanted to get this guy ready for the table (as I only play painted) I can always go back and work on them more later.

And here it is with all the Stormwall parts!

I asked you guys for suggestions on what to do for the basework and doing a trench base won!

I wanted him stomping through the edge of the trench utterly oblivious of the work he is ruining. 

I wanted the soil at the impact point to look different, moister soil as it has just been thrown up.

A few sandbags and the planking have been thrown up in the damage.

I painted the magnetised parts red and green for left and right (showing my Navy roots here...) this is to make it really easy to swap the parts out whenever I want to.

Heres a side by side with my old school Stormwall. Which will now only ever be used if I run double colossal (which I currently am due to being excited to have them both painted now!) 

All the stormpods!!!!

More close ups of electrical details.

The arm socket is painted too! As the magnet is "floating" in the arms ball joint I can pose the arms how I want.

Heres how the arms look in a sub assembly.

And the hips magged to make transportation easy!

So what do you think of my Stormwall/Hurricane? 
I wrote a guide on how I magged it you can find that here

Friday, 18 August 2017

Brickhouse Painted

Brickhouse is painted! This puts me back to having all my character warjacks painted!

I reposed him a little with a twist of his hips and raising one leg up onto the rocks to make a more dynamic pose. That combined with changing where he holds the hammer reduces the "crossing guard" look he has become known for.

I magnetised him to make it easier to transport him and get his arms out of the way should they get in the way during the course of a game.

Here he is with his buddy Maddox! 

What do you think of my Brickhouse? Have you used him yet, and if you have how did he do in your games?

Monday, 14 August 2017

Caine3 Painted

Caine3 is done! I have been looking forward to using him for a while but putting off painting him... Like every other time I have painted gunmage type models I have taken a long time about it and not enjoyed it much.

Caine himself was a straight forward paint job really, I had the colour scheme down just copying his previous versions. 

Watts with his dumb rifle holding pose... yeah. I had originally painted his neckerchief red, but it made him look like such a Caine wannabee douche so I repainted it dark green. This also makes the unit slightly match up with my mercs as a bonus as I have used dark green a lot when painting them.

Ryan looks a lot worse in this unit compared to her black 13th version... I'm guessing she takes Lynch's hat during the events of the Caine novel (the books cost way too much in the UK, I would love to read them but can't really afford them!)
I don't like how the hat looks on her, it rides way too low over her face, which makes it look even more lacking in detail.

Comparison shot of the Black 13th members and their previous versions. 

Caine1,2&3 together with Ace!

While I was painting Caine3 and his unit I also finished up my second Gunmage rifleman.

So what do you think of my Caine3? I look forward to testing him out I have a few crazy lists I want to try out. I will try to make batreps for them for the youtube channel!