Sunday, 15 September 2013

Necromunda Weapons Review: Pistols

This is my personal review of the pistols in Necromunda using Community Edition rules.

So lets just get into it

Stub gun

Cheap cheap cheap! But you get what you pay for, and the -1 to hit long range can be really bad for juves. Who you might be inclined to give it to juves but I have a suggestion.
For an extra 5 credits you get Dum-dum bullets to make the gun S4 but if you fail an ammo roll you have to test to see if the gun explodes.
That sucks huh? Well not in combat it doesn't! Have a guy with an arm wound making him S2??? Give him one of these and hes S4 for only 15 credits! (Also he can shoot it)
Combined with the techno skill Weaponsmith (Allows you to ignore failed ammo checks and explosions on a +4) and this pistol preforms better than a boltpistol for 10 creds cheaper! Stack gunfighter onto that and you have a badass!!


You know it, you love it! Its widely considered the "best" pistol in Necromunda and for good reason. For its cost it is the most accurate pistol, with +2 for its close range it is a top choice for juves. I almost always give a juve a autopistol.


A good solid choice made better in CE by changing up the hit modifiers. (It was +2 SR -1 LR, its now +1 SR -LR) It has a really good ammo roll which makes it my go to weapon for a backup weapon. I also like to use it for close combat gangers. As they have better BS they often don't need the +2 SR so having the better ammo roll is a better bet to keep them in the fight for longer.


For an extra 10 credits you are buying S4 but with a terrible ammo roll of just 6+ I personally don't rate the boltpistol. I find it better to either go all out and pay a bit more for a plasma pistol (more on him later) or go cheaper. It works well in combat due to not having to roll ammo in combat, but you can use a stubgun for nearly half the price.


This is great for juves or anyone with bad BS. with the catching fire rules it can also be used to deal with high toughness multi wound gangers. As if they are on fire that is a turn they can't attack you! Risking a juve to neutralize a combat beast? Yes please!

Plasma pistol

The first of the "premium" pistols in my mind. Basically for 5 more credits than a boltpistol you get S4 with a 4+ ammo roll. The to hit modifier isn't as good but you normally give a gun like this to someone good anyway. You also get the choice to fire on high power at a risk of a gets hot roll. This ups the gun to S5 and the to hit roll to +2. Great weapon for a combat focused leader

Needle pistol

Very expensive for a pistol, has a bad ammo roll but auto wounds and has a modified injury roll (Downed models can't crawl 2" and models go OOA on a 5+) It puts models down very efficiently but you pay a high cost for it.

Web pistol

The most expensive pistol in the game! I have never used it myself I would not personally recommend it, but I can see how it is powerful. Once you have hit the target is netted, the target can try to break free at the start of his own turn by rolling a D6 and adding his S a 9 or more will free him. Anything less causes a wound. (Saves can be taken) This gun shines with combat as models that are meshed in combat get taken OOA automatically. I see this gun being best used against multi wound gangers.

If this is any help to you or you would like to see me do more of these please let me know I always like to get feedback!


  1. Definitely post more. I haven't played in a while but plan to, so is great to see people active still, and the stub gun vs bolt pistol had never crossed my mind.

    As for ideas, a write up on community edition rules and why so many new weapons - hunting rifle and so on.

  2. cant wait to start playing again