Friday, 4 August 2017

3 Magnetised Heavy Warjacks Painted

Finished up 3 heavy warjacks all magnetised!

This is the third of this chassis that I have now magnetised, I'm so glad that I magged them all. Being able to use any option I want makes trying things out in lists really easy.

I now have my first 2 magged "Ironclad" chassis. Shown here as a Cyclone

I got the guns for a Cyclone in a trade so I magged a battlebox Ironclad to be able to use them, I was missing a hand for when it was a Cyclone. I have a few Ironclad hammers in my bits box from making character jacks like Triumph and Gallant so I carved out the hammer to make an "open fist"

Figured I would show off all 3 of the "centurion" chassis jacks in all their different types.

I have a Jakes2 list I want to try with 3 hammersmiths and a bunch of Ironclads. Might not be the best list but I think it will be fun to see!

3 Avengers... I'm looking for a list that runs all 3 at the same time! If you have one let me know!

3 Cyclones!!!! I have a Caine3 list that will use them all. The middle one is my old glued one from mk2, I'll admit I never thought I would ever get another one!

Only 1 of the 2 magged jacks I painted up for this post had the parts for a Defender, so the magged jack is the one in the middle, the other 2 are my older glued Defenders

5 Ironclads!!!! the front 2 are the new magged ones, yeah I think thats enough Ironclads now...

What do you think of my new and old heavies? I think that will be enough now... I do worry about the prospect of the model getting a new sculpt seeing as the Cryx jacks are getting a resculpt it is possible these will too...

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