Sunday, 3 November 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week three, Swamp fever

All games this week are subject to the rules for darkness.

This is a game of Swamp fever between The Bonehunters and Shift 36.

Struggling against the pitch-black conditions, the Bonehunters fail to realise how dangerous the Sump Swamp will prove too be...
Pores leads rifleman Maybe up out of the muck onto the safety of a mouldering old structre
Shift 36 set up and sensibly run to higher ground, treading carefully across the corroded gantries

The heavy is surprised as a face-grabber leaps out of the darkness at him, but he is able to keep his balance and easily dodges the small beast
Shift 36 gather around their Ratling sniper, who has an easy time finding targets through the darkness with his thermal scope
Shift 36 begin their flanking move across the gantries, staying clear of the swamp and sticking together for protection.

Foreman Red's son chances his luck through the swamp but slips and is sucked into a bottomless pit... only to be rescued at the last minute by his trusty hound!

The Bonehunters are not nearly so lucky. Noxious gases and pools of acid begin wounded the gangers as they slip slowly through the sludge. Koryk is unable to save Confessor Kindly as he plunges into a bottomless pool

Distracted by the loss of her leader, and disoriented by the darkness, Smiles loses her grip at the very top of a ladder, slips, and plunges back to the murky swamp, taking a severe injury

Pores, unable to even see Shift 36 through the darkness, can only look on as the rest of his gang succumbs to the dangerous conditions. Frustrated, he sounds the retreat for the second time in a week
Shift 36 linger in the darkness, confused as to the location of the Cawdor gang. Eventually the Ratlin confirms their absence through his optics and they move into the swamp where they discover the gnawed bones of a Ratskin warrior, clutching a blindsnake pouch and a stash of choke grenades - a good haul for very little effort!

The Bonehunters brought 10 men into the swamp - 1 was hit by the Ratling sniper, all but 3 of the rest were downed by the deadly swamp, causing 5 lasting injuries.

Having won the battle Shift 36 sent their Ratskin scout out in search of new territories, Tumu disgusted with the gangs lack of respect for his peoples dead disappeared into the darkness never to be seen again. 

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