Thursday, 6 November 2014

Theory Thursday: Shooting Top of Turn one with Trenchers

{This article is based on mk2 rules}

I'm aware that Trenchers are not universally liked by Cygnar players, but I really like how they look and enjoy that lots of people don't realise what they are capable of.

It can catch an unsuspecting opponent off guard to shoot at their army on Turn one with you going first!

With a 7" Deployment zone when going first the Trenchers will be 13" in due to Advance deploy. 

Before the Trenchers activate you must first have your Warcaster cast snipe on them, this tactic does limit you to the warcasters pCaine, pStryker and Sturgis.

Next have Maxwell Finn use Desperate pace on the for +2 Movement.

The Trenchers can now use an Assault order for move forward 11" and fail to reach their charge targets, but still get to take their assault shots which should reach 38" across the board and be exactly your opponents deployment line.

Obviously this will not work if they even deploy 1/2" back from their deployment line, but I have found that most players tend to deploy as far forward as they can.

The other consideration is that each trencher must be exactly opposite their intended target as the threat distance on this is precise.

Your opponents Advance deploy are much easier to reach, but advance deploy troops often have better defensive stats or abilities such as stealth.

Each caster brings something a little different to them.
  • pCaine can give them deadeye greatly improving their chances of hitting, and the next turn he can give them Blur pushing their DEF up to 20 when Dug in!

  • pStryker can't do much to help them hit on that first turn, but in later turns can offer them Blur or Arcane Shield pop his feat with this for ARM 21 Trenchers! Probably not the best use for it though...  Earthquake is his best way to improve the effectiveness of their shooting later in the game.

  • Sturgis doesn't offer Trenchers outside snipe, he has Arcane shield but its not great with Trenchers.

Other army options that can help out with this tactic.

Viktor Pendrake can use Beast Lore to give Boosted attack rolls when shooting at Warbeasts.

Aiyana can use Lurynsar's touch to give them magical weapons, this will allow you to take out some of those annoying incorporeal models early.

Runewood or the Piper can give out Pathfinder so you get your distance should there be rough terrain in the way.

Hope you found this interesting, leave your thoughts down below!

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