Monday, 17 November 2014

Cygnar Stormguard painted

 Finally finished painting one of the first units I got for my Cygnar. Been meaning to complete these guys for a long time and I'm glad they are finally done. They show off how my "Blacknar" scheme looks on storm armour.

This was one of the first times painting voltic coils (something that I will have to do a lot of in the future) I'm pleased with how the effect turned out.

The leader with his weird gunblade...

What do you guys think of my painting??
Look forward to reading your suggestions


  1. Looking good :-) Have you had many games with them? Glad I'm not the only one who thinks the gunblade is weird! Only feedback I'd give would be to think your paint's a bit more, something I keep telling myself repeatedly!

    1. I have used them quite a few times. Although expensive compared to halbadiers they have a much higher damage output. They are in my eNemo tier 4 list and make a great unit to tie things up with eHaley on feat turn. (engage loads of non reach stuff for denial)