Thursday, 4 December 2014

Theory Thursday: eCaine's threat range

{This article is based on mk2 rules}

I'm going to start this by saying I love eCaine. The Han Solo of Warmachine is just so good.
But how far away does the other player have to keep their caster?
Quick note that I am aware that this will not be "news" to veteran players, but I have met a lot of players that aren't fully aware of what is possible.

With speed 7 and range 12" guns Caine has a walking threat of 19" but we can extend that with a little effort.

eCaine is often my anti Hordes caster so adding Lanyssa to his army is a nice addition. She has an ability called Hunter's Mark which gives friendly models +2 movement when charging an enemy model hit with it.

Madelyn Corbeau is another solo that can extend the threat range, If an enemy model is in her command range she allows a model to make a 3" advance in the control phase.

If you manage to get both of these solos to do their jobs you can then have Caine charge an enemy 15" away from where he started that turn.
If he kills that model he can then shoot 12" further giving a total threat range of 27" which doesn't have to all be in a straight line.

Alternatively if line of sight to your target (read caster..) is blocked he can charge as before and then cast Gatecrasher to be placed completely within 8" for a threat of 23" which doesn't need line of sight to your target. It is an all of nothing move though, if you fail to assassinate you will likely lose the game.

Simply put Caine's threat range is bonkers,

What crazy caster kills have you managed with Caine? Let me know below the furthest you have reached!


  1. I play eCaine a little differently than most people it seems. I use him as an attrition caster. I run him with Pendrake and he is my preferred drop vs hordes at 35 points, especially Legion and Circle.

    I use his feat as soon as I can, and with pendrake giving boosted attacks vs beasts, squire and reinholdt. I try to "remove from play" 2 heavy beasts with his feat.

    It's morale destroying for the Legion/circle player, and the rest of the game is usually just mop up. Once you drop half their army in one figures activation, most players feel very sad.

    1. I agree completely, that is how I play eCaine as well. Letting your opponent know they will be getting very little fury that turn (and from now on) is crushing