Saturday, 20 December 2014

Mercenaries Alexia and the Risen Painted

Alexia and the Risen are done! Very lazy choice for these guys I didn't want to have to paint 20 risen all with natural colour so I went with the ghostly look to them. They are on and off the table so often I wasn't too worried about making them look super detailed.

I painted Alexia herself a long time ago but was waiting to paint the risen until I had the full 20 grunts. I bought the unit before they repacked as the max unit...

I got the last few grunts and an extra couple of Thrall warriors the other day so I figured I would paint them up.

I wanted Alexia to look rough and no frills so I gave her muted colours. Her magic makes things glow green for me so I did her eyes that way too. (Mainly so I could avoid painting eyes!)

I gave her a silver streak in her hair as well, maybe her magic is aging her???

Thrall solos, great for flanking or holding flags!

One of each type of risen for your viewing pleasure! Sad to see dead Trenchers...

Glad these guys are painted up now, will have to figure out what to paint next!

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