Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Scenario Templates and Gaming aids

Playing Warmachine without a scenario makes for a less exciting game. Especially for the other player... playing Cygnar means I could just keep backing up shooting. Thats not fun for the other guy!

I picked up a set of templates for Steamroller scenarios from Zinge Industries you can find them here

They turned up in a nice press seal envelope which I will keep them in. 

You get two of each zone type and four flags and three objectives. The zones are great, I may try to get better flags and objectives though as I can see these moving during games.

There was a nice leaflet inside that shows a lot of the products they make. I might end up getting some of the conversion bits for Necromunda models if I find a group of players.

I wanted a set of templates for Warmachine to both speed up my play and to make it more actuate.
I found these on ebay sold from Troll Trader. They are a gaming club/store based down in Cornwall, decent buch. You can find these in their ebay store here

These are great and have all the things I was looking for.
Blast range checkers, proxy bases, measurement tools and tools to help move a model one inch.
Cheapest I have found them so far

 While buying wrapping paper I found this case in pound land! Nice cheap little case to seperate out all my different tokens so I don't have to dig through them all the time!

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