Thursday, 18 December 2014

Theory Thursday: Closing Legions eyes...

{This article is based on mk2 rules}

In the last Theory Thursday I went over eCaine's threat range and I mentioned I often use him as my anti Hordes list. Using two of the Solo's I mentioned in that post that I like to run with him anyway you can try to tip the scales in your favour against Legion of Everblight.

(Image stolen from somewhere on the internets)

Lanyssa has an action called Winter Storm which makes enemy models that start in her command range lose Eyeless sight, flight and pathfinder during their activations.
Her command is 9 so that's a fair chunk of the board.

But we can do better than that

If you put Madelyn in base to base with her Advisor gives Lanyssa +1 command giving winter storm a 10" bubble around the pair.

The problem lies with keeping them alive, because as soon as Lanyssa dies the effect drops and won't effect further activations.

Lanyssa has Prowl so putting her in concealment will give her Stealth which will protect her but Madelyn will still be a target and Legion has a fair amount of ranged attacks with aoes. And with the low armour of the pair boosted blast damage will kill them.

Madelyn can palm off ranged attacks to warrior models within 2" but again not great if those are aoes

So how to protect them? A Trencher smoke wall would block line of sight completely to the pair and be fairly safe itself from shooting from anything now missing eyeless sight. If terrain on the board is in your favour simply being behind a forest will be enough.

Be aware that any warbeasts starting their activations outside of winter storm will not be affected even if they move into it, so its best to only try this if you can catch all of them in the effect.

Tricky to set up, and doubtful to get someone twice, but might just pull the wool over their eyes...

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