Saturday, 13 December 2014

Reinforcements arrive!

Ah the postman! Thank you for braving the cold so I don't have to...


 Other players at my local club have the laser line of sight checker and I found myself borrowing it too much. So I got one for myself

I'm thinking of making the switch from GW paints to Vallejo so I picked up the colours I had run out of and a "Insane" detail brush as my brushes are getting a bit tatty

I also picked up the last of the Solos I wanted for my Cygnar army. There are others I will pick up in the future, but these are the last ones I will need for some time.

And finally I got the last few grunts for pAlexia. Due to the unit getting reboxed as the max unit I was worried I might not be able to get a blister if I waited too long so I have maxed the unit size now and bought two more Thrall warriors to bring my total to three. (I doubt I will ever need more than three of them)

After finishing painting my Gunmages last week I was wondering what I should paint next, and it might just have to be Alexia and the risen...

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