Monday, 9 May 2016

Long gunners Painted

Long gunners Painted! 22 of them... yeah these guys took a while.
Some of them have some pretty bad miscasting on them but its not too big a deal for me. I put most of the worst ones in the second unit and as they are rank and file troops and unless mk3 makes them a lot better I won't often use all of them at once. So I can live with some of them being less than perfect.

The unit attachment are a little strange their sculpts aren't as detailed as the rest of the units. Apparently in mk3 you can take more UA's now, time will tell if it will be worth me picking up another one.

The Long gunners have the most brown on them compared to anything else in my army. They are the rank and file troops in the fluff so it made sense to me that they would look plain.

I have kept the same colour scabbard for all my troops so far its a little detail I hope will aid in tying them all together.

What do you think of my long gunners? Do you think they fit in with the rest of my army?

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